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Cities: Skylines' next major DLC will let you build and manage better airports

It'll take off in January

I always liked the idea that a citybuilder eventually comes to contain several other management games within it. Cities: Skylines takes another step in that direction with its next DLC, which will let you construct sprawling airports when it takes flight in January.

Here's the announcement trailer:

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The DLC lets you construct modular airport buildings, clicking terminals together and connecting buildings via "concourse networks" according to the Paradox website. You set the ticket prices, and you'll unlock new airport buildings to construct depending on the overall success of the airport.

Importantly, you can also link your airport up with other forms of public transport, letting your citizens ride bus and railway links to catch their flight. As a one-time frequent traveller, I will not stand for any airport that isn't linked to its nearby city by rail.

Cities: Skylines Airports will launch next year on January 25th and will cost $13. As with all Cities: Skylines DLC, it makes me wonder whether Colossal Order are satisfied, having released nothing but DLC for the past six years, or whether Skylines' juggernaut success has imprisoned them. It is, at least, an excellent juggernaut, and lives on both our best management games and building games lists.

The reveal of Airports comes a week after the announcement of VR spin-off Cities: VR, from a different developer.

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