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Dark Souls III Modder Fills Entire World With Crabs

Crab souls

For years hardcore Souls bros have been faced with a problem. How do you make Dark Souls even more difficult, unsettling and frightening than normal? Some have resorted to 'one bro' runs, playing through the games in their pants, others to killing all the bosses as fast as humanly possible. But for one YouTuber, the answer was much simpler. Just add crabs. Lots of crabs.

Limit Breakers specialises in testing the boundaries of the Dark Souls games by fiddling around with its insides and creating character builds that no reasonable human being would ever consider, vomiting up horrors like the 'Dark Hand' and the most grossly incandescent build imaginable, all accompanied by a disturbing robot voice.

Not content with making ridiculous manthings, he has now replaced all the textures in Dark Souls III with pictures of crabs. It is terrifying.

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But crabs will never be enough for some people. Limit Breakers went on to implement a raft of texture ideas from his viewers. He has since replaced all the game's textures with other images, including Shrek, the face of Nicolas Cage, and the word "poise".

The games' creator Hidetaka Miyazaki has said he wishes to return to the series before he retires. But now we all know that would be fruitless. This terror can no longer be surpassed.

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