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Deep Rock Galactic roadmap lays out a smashing year of mining

Dig too deep

As is Dwarven tradition, the intersteller halflings at Deep Rock Galactic just won't stop digging. Alien bugs or no, there's gold down there - so grab a shovel and get in the hole. This week, developers Ghost Ship Games revealed their plans for the next few months of mining n' shooting, bringing new biomes, classes, jobs and objectives to the beardiest blokes in deep space.

Deep Rock Galactic finished its early access contract by launching last Thursday. But the digging's never quite finished - and the supervisors at Ghost Ship Games have outlined the next three updates you'll be digging into over the coming year.

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Pinning the bulletin over on Steam this week, Deep Rock Galactic's post-launch roadmap outlines the stellar miner's next three content drops. Set to release next month, Update 31 kicks things off with a few features that, for whatever reason, couldn't make it into the 1.0 launch - 3 new mission objectives, a "Smart Stout" to sip on, new monster manual pages and improvements to the proc-gen cave systems.

Sometime after summer, Update 32 is setting up two new mission types and more cosmetics, alongside a new cosmetic DLC pack and other unconfirmed bonuses. As the year closes out, Update 33 plans to offer two planet biomes, new enemy types, and "more unannounced stuff".

Even if he's not a fan of its direct influences in either Minecraft or Left 4 Dead, Nic Reuben had a blast with the game in his Deep Rock Galactic review. "Sixteen tons of detail, sixteen tons of character, sixteen tons of riotous bug blasting, spelunking co-operative goodness. Deep Rock Galactic is a company I’ve got no qualms about selling my soul to for hours more to come."

From the sounds of things, the mines will be open for months - if not years - to come. Deep Rock Galactic is out now on Steam for £25/€30/$30.

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