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Devolver Digital announce the cutest game about leading a cult

Cult Of The Lamb looks adorable!

Look, I know part of what makes cults insidious is that they can seem so friendly and welcoming, but you have to admit that Cult Of The Lamb looks adorable. Announced last night at Gamescom by publisher Devolver Digital, it's about ascending to divinity by growing your flock, building your base, defeating rival cult leaders, and performing rituals. And it looks adorable! Surely this is one of the good cults. Check out the trailer below.

What a lovely wee cult. I'm sure the blood and murder are justified.

So, at home you have to build your wee village by gathering resources and reinforce your flock by performing rituals and giving sermons. That's fine. You'll also venture out into the procedurally generated world in the dark woods, murdering other cults to claim their power. That's probably fine! And surely it'll be fine when you attempt to ascend. No possible bad consequences.

Cult Of The Lamb is due to launch in 2022. Steam page is over here.

Balancing cute against murderous can be tricky but developers Massive Monster have done it before. Sin quite liked one of their earlier games, The Adventure Pals.

"The humour is self-aware and good-hearted enough to avoid both LOL RANDIM and saccharine territory," she said, "and it's been a long time since a platformer made me chuckle so many times, both via its dialogue and slapstick."

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