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Where to find a staff in Elden Ring

Learn where to get a powerful staff at the beginning of Elden Ring

Elden Ring player calling down meteorites with the meteorite staff
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Want to know where to find a staff in Elden Ring? Sorcery spells are extremely powerful in Elden Ring, as you can sit back and relax while casting giant comets and meteorites at your foes. However, you won’t start with a staff unless you picked the Astrologer class, meaning most players will need to know where to find a staff in Elden Ring. Fortunately, you can find the Meteorite Staff early in the game, allowing you to cast spells before you even reach the first main boss.

Below, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get the Meteorite Staff in Elden Ring.

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Where to find a staff in Elden Ring

The Meteorite Staff is a particularly powerful early-game staff, as it scales with the Intelligence attribute at S rank. This is the highest scaling rank for a weapon, meaning that as you invest points into Intelligence, the Meteorite Staff will grow far stronger. It’s worth noting that you can’t upgrade the Meteorite Staff, but that won’t be an issue. As you level up and raise your Intelligence, the Meteorite Staff will deal massive damage and remain competitive with late-game staffs. In short, this is a weapon you should definitely seek out.

To find the Meteorite Staff straight away, you’ll need to enter the rotten lands of Caelid to the East of Limgrave. To reach Caelid, you need to follow the path that stretches East/northeast from Stormhill Shack. It’s a long journey, but you can do it right from the start if you use Torrent to run past difficult enemies.

Elden Ring Meteorite Staff map location

There are a few points of interest that you’ll find along the way. The first is Warmaster’s Shack, found in the forest a short distance from Stormhill Shack. Continue northeast to find Saintsbride, and then ride East until you get to Summonwater Village. From there, continue along the path northeast until you start to notice the distinct red rot of Caelid. Proceed along this path through Caelid until you reach the Smoldering Wall Site of Grace.

Head southeast from the Smoldering Wall and drop into the swamp below. Make sure you ride Torrent through this swamp, as the red water will inflict the rot effect on your character if you walk through it yourself. To find the Meteorite Staff, head to the Western edge of the swamp and look for a destroyed tower in the Street of Sages Ruins. Within, you will find some plant enemies and a dead body. Loot the corpse to get the Meteorite Staff.

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