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Epic Games Store exclusive Hades will hop on the Steam train this December

To hell and back

Supergiant Games launched Hades exclusively on the Epic Games Store at the end of 2018, becoming one of the OG combatants in the Great Store War that followed in 2019. Though we’ll never truly know why they set-up in a store that's paying games to be there, they’ve decided that a year is enough time to be away from Steam. Hades is coming to Early Access on Steam December 10th.

It was worth it to Supergiant to make a trailer about this. Here you go.

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As you can see from the trailer, it's a gorgeous, monster-chopping roguelite, looking rather stylish and silly. It's still retaining that Early Access branding for a little while, with the Steam store stating it'll be in EA until the "second half of 2020." But is it worth trying out before then?

Steve Hogarty very much enjoyed his time with it in January, and our Matt reckons so, too. He went to hell and back a couple of weeks ago, covering the game's sixth major update in eight months. The Bastion developers are doing their job of keeping the game up-to-date, adding areas to flesh out the dungeon crawling.

Given that it was an Epic Store launch title, which went live on December 6th of last year, the timing seems pretty bang-on for a year’s exclusivity. It looks like it’ll be the first game to cross back over to Steam after spending time sharing Fortnite's front-end. I do wonder what's prompted them to announce the glorious return four months before Steam welcomes them. That seems like quite a lead-up to me.

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