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Far Cry 4 Story Trailer Reminds You There's A Story

Not that you'll care

The latest Far Cry 4 trailer explains the game's story, which is a good thing, because there's very little chance I'm going to pay attention to what's going on when I come round to actually playing it. "Do what you came here to do," one character implores. 'What, you mean you want me to wingsuit off of all these mountains and make rucksacks out of your endangered species?' "Your mother's dying wish will be fulfilled." I think my mum wanted me to silently dispatch hundreds of people with a bow and arrow?

Come, watch the trailer, become dimly aware that there are characters other than Pagan Min and purpose to your character other than ooh-what's-over-there.

Far Cry 4 is just a couple of weeks away, and I'm looking forward to it after having enjoyed Far Cries 1-3. I'm looking forward to it twice as much after playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - thoughts on which shall arrive later today. I'm keen now to participate in a violent, first-person romp with the expanse and freedom Far Cry 3 established as the new norm for the series. I'm hopeful, even, that progression through that terrain won't be tied to terrible story missions like last time, even if it means having to invite a co-op buddy along for the gyrocopter ride in order to turn those missions off.

As per usual, Ubisoft have been spraying trailers for the game like machinegun fire. You can watch similarly brief introductions to the weapons, the setting, and the recently announced PvP multiplayer. So many explosions.

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