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For Honor's dedicated servers roll out on February 19th

No encore for the Host Migrant Song

We'd previously reported that among a swathe of improvements coming to Ubisoft's struggling multiplayer brawler For Honor was support for static, dedicated servers, completely replacing the public hosting system that the game currently uses.

We now know exactly when this game-changing improvement will be landing, and it's not far off: You'll be able to butt heads with the Vikings, Knights & Samurai in a much more stable fashion on February 19th.

Here's the official word from the developers:

The implementation of the dedicated server infrastructure was announced last summer as part of For Honor’s ongoing development schedule. Following a successful Open Test in December that has allowed the team to gather data needed for the live release, the development teams are now ready to deploy the dedicated servers in For Honor. At launch, the dedicated servers will focus on PVP game modes and will fully remove the session migrations as well as the NAT requirements while eliminating most of the resyncing, resulting in a more stable experience and improved matchmaking. The development teams will closely monitor the situation to ensure a smooth transition for PC players before implementing the new infrastructure on consoles.

This'll be rolling out alongside the rest of the Age Of Wolves seasonal content, including improved single-player tutorial content, some major overhauls for under-played classes and a configurable Vs AI arena mode, more of which you can see in the trailer-cum-infoblurb below, or read about it on the official Age Of Wolves site here.

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Better late than never, eh? Still, this definitely would have been a helpful feature to have early in the life of the game. While For Honor still maintains a decently active multiplayer scene, and the number of players hasn't dropped significantly since August last year, it seems unlikely that it will ever make even half the recovery that Rainbow Six Siege did after its wonky launch.

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