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Fortnite disables Shadow Stones after ghosts start murdering people

You summon dark forces, you suffer dark consequences...

You know me, gang: friendly; easy-going; welcoming; patient; forgiving. But enough is enough with these fairweather Halloween fans. Epic Games thought it would be 'fun' and 'spoopy' to add a Fortnite Battle Royale item temporarily transforming players into ghosties, making them near-invisible, faster, able to warp through walls, and as harmless as a breeze. But when it turns out an exploit with these Shadow Stones lets ghosted players shoot their guns, oh no, suddenly Epic are scared of ghosts and have temporarily removed them. I don't say this lightly: they are cowards. You summon dark forces, you suffer dark consequences. Ghosts kill people. So it goes. Epic are the lowest of the low: fairweather Halloweenies.

Shadow Stones arrived with the start of season 6 yesterday, following the conclusion of a giant purple runed cube's journey across the map, stamping runes into the ground (an event which actually happened in game, I can't over-stress because of how cool Epic's commitment to events is). The cube blasted open a vortex the middle of a lake, lifting an island into the sky on its swirling maelstrom and littering "corrupted" areas of the map with Shadow Stones.

The way Shadow Stones are supposed to work: for up to 45 seconds after using one, you move faster, jump higher, are invisible when you stand still, are a smokey figure when moving, can use a dash move to charge and go through walls, but can still be shot and cannot build or shoot.

The way Shadow Stones work with the exploit: permanently, you move faster, jump higher, can dash, are wholly invisible apart from your weapon, and can be shot - but can also shoot. That's quite bad for non-ghosts.

"Due to an issue with Shadow Stones, we're disabling them until we have a fix," Epic said in a tweet overnight, the cowards.

'Oh no, we cracked the world with a mystical runed cube and now ghosts are murdering everyone, whatever shall we do?' Die. That's it. Just die. The ghosts will get you. The ghosts will get us all. This is the end.

You can see the terrible consequences of Shadow Stone exploiters in this video:

Please fix this glitch. Their whole squad was perma invisible from r/FortNiteBR

Halloween is serious. Either commit fully or don't even bother. You summon dark forces, you suffer dark consequences.

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