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Genshin Impact developer video introduces update 3.0's Sumeru region

As well as six new characters

HoYoverse have released a new video offering more information on Sumeru, the new region coming in Genshin Impact 3.0, the gacha game's next major update. The same video also offered glimpses of six new characters, details of the new enemies players will face in Sumeru, and hints to "ancient secrets buried in the sand."

Here's the video, which I appreciate for its moody lighting and transparent whiteboards:

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Sumeru is a hot region with both forest and desert biomes, and its population are famous for not being able to dream. The residents, we're told, treat this fact as a point of pride and a demonstration of how "rational" they are. Research and knowledge are what the people of the region value most.

It makes sense that one of the characters glimpsed is a researcher. The previously teased Tighnari is a Dendro character who is both a researcher and a Forest Watcher. The video also offers brief glimpses of other new characters, including brooding traveller Alhaitham, cat-eared mercenary Dehya, red-haired dancer Nilou, something-eared scholar Cyno, and mysterious butterfly girl Nahida.

The video also introduces new enemy types including a group of mercenaries, the Eremites, as well as various aggressive fauna. That includes the Fungi, which are technically violent flora, and some seemingly mossy pigs.

There's no fixed release date for update 3.0 yet, although leaks and rumours place it sometime around August 15th. In the meantime, version 2.8 is still live and you can read about the current banners on our dedicated page.

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