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Hitman 3's year two including new mode will be revealed Jan 13th

Plus ray tracing and VR on PC

We know a little of what season two of Hitman 3 will contain, including the PC debut of VR, something called Elusive Target Arcade, and the arrival of one Mr. Ray Tracing. All of this will be revealed in earnest in just two days time though, with a "reveal stream" on January 13th.

At 6am PT/9am ET/3pm CET on YouTube, IOI will show all of the above, plus a brand new game mode, "other announcements, surprises and new footage."

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Hitman 3's second year was announced back in November, with IO producer Hakan Abrak promising "new maps, new storylines, new modes [and] new ways of playing". Personally, I've no interest in ray tracing, but I do fancy chucking knives at people in VR, and anything that gives me another reason to revisit Hitman's wonderful levels.

And they are wonderful. Hitman 3 was the third, excellent game in an excellent trilogy, and in a way almost banal in how consistently good the series has been. RPS named it one of our favourite games of 2021:

And besides, each adventure does have some flavour of its own. Part one was deep, part two was wide, and part three is… weird? It has the sandboxes packed with murderous potential, but masks them behind odd structural twists. One level locks a target within a murder mystery. Another pits you against a squad of anonymous thugs you have to sniff out in the din of a rave. Later you’re playing rival facilities against each other or assisting an AI helper - the latter in a trip to an Argentinian vineyard that can end with a swooningly sauve moment on the dance floor.

I'm looking forward to finding out more about the future of the game, especially since IO Interactive's James Bond game is presumably still years away.

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