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It looks like Cult of the Lamb’s sex update will be a real thing, coming in 2024

Cult is a four-letter word

Cult of the Lamb's cultist-leader lamb sniffs a flower
Image credit: Massive Monster

Cult of the Lamb devs Massive Monster seem to be staying true to their promise to bring a ‘sex update’ to the cutesy cultist roguelite next year, after their promise to satisfy thirsty fans ended up exploding more quickly than expected.

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Just yesterday, the official Cult of the Lamb X(XX) account vowed that “we will add sex to the game if we hit 300k followers by the end of the year”. This followed endless jokes-slash-requests from players that incoming update Sins of the Flesh should let the game’s animal cultists get it on, as the name and its nudie-animal artwork implies.

While Massive Monster previously confirmed in a Steam forum post to a worried player that, no, Sins of the Flesh isn’t about boning between ritual sacrifice, it now looks like that might become an option after all, as the game’s X account rapidly shot past the 300,000 follower milestone in just two hours and is already sat at close to 400,000 one day later.

“Looks like we are adding Sex to Cult of the Lamb,” Massive Monster wrote in a jokey follow-up showing a line of code marked "sexInGame" being set to “true”.

While this might all still turn out to be a running joke, it at least appears that Massive Monster is committed to the bit, replying to one player to say that the promised sex update would be free. As for how it’ll work alongside the game’s cult management, roguelite dungeons and whatnot, we just don’t know yet (and dare to even imagine).

We’ll find out more next year, with the sex update apparently set to come at the “very beginning of 2024”, around the time that Sins of the Flesh's story and feature additions drop. We all know why you'll really be downloading it, though.

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