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Minecraft 1.12 introducing pretty new blocks and tiles


Minecraft [official site] is expanding its options for decorators in an upcoming update, the first test version of which is now available. Version 1.12 is introducing plain and simple concrete blocks which can be dyed -- perfect for pixel art monoliths too -- and beautiful glazed terracotta tiles with geometric patterns in different colours. They're really nice tiles! Most of Minecraft's blocks are materials rather than patterned, so this is an interesting addition. I don't craft those mines myself but I do enjoy seeing players' creations, and I'm keen to see what happens with these.

Snapshot 17W06A is now live as an opt-in test build. "We anticipate to do many more snapshots in the upcoming months, as we will continue adding more features and make major improvements to the core game itself," Mojang say. So you'll be waiting a few months if you don't want to play with test builds. Or even longer if you won't switch until all the mods you use update to 1.12.

Anyway! Look at these lovely tiling terracotta tiles:

Aren't those great? They're made by smelting dyed Hardened Clay, coming in 16 colours with two pattern variants for each. The variants tile with each other, making for lovely combinations. Some look a bit Greek and Roman to me, while others have a touch of Islamic geometry about them. Good tiles!

As for the concrete blocks, they can also be dyed the 16 colours of Minecraft and have very little texture so they make for clean decoration.

Please, make cool things with this and share them with the world.

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