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Monster Hunter Rise will launch on PC January 12, with a demo due next month

Befriend cats and dogs; kill the rest

Monster Hunter Rise is the sixth mainline game in Capcom's series about biffing majestic beasts and turning them into fetching headgear. It released on Switch earlier this year, and we've known all along that it was coming to PC eventually. Now it has a specific release date: January 12th, 2022.

Better yet, it's getting a demo, and it'll be available on October 13th.

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Rise is the successor to Monster Hunter World, which brought the series to PC for the first time and which was a massive success. Rise continues the progress World made towards making the long-running series friendlier and more accessible, and as a consequence its the first MonHan to properly obsess Katharine. It's got the same big open maps as World, the same easier monster tracking - but importantly, it's also got dogs.

Your Palico cat pals have always been a big part of the Monster Hunter series, but Rise introduces dog pals called Palamutes, and bird pals called Cohoots. You can scritch and feed the Cohoots, but you can use the Palamutes as mounts. Yes, I'd like to ride the dogs, please. (The internet refers to Palamutes as "wolf-like", but what are wolves but pointy dogs?).

An expansion for Rise, called Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, was announced during last week's Nintendo Direct. We now know it'll launch on PC at the same time as it comes to Switch next summer.

The demo due October 13th will be available via Steam.

Lastly, Capcom announced that they're partnering with Sega to celebrate Sonic's 30th anniversary within Monster Hunter Rise. I hope it'll let me cut down a giant Sonic and turn him into a coat.

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