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Mortal Kombat 11's killers get friendly in a new trailer

Finish your friendship

Alongside its Aftermath expansion next week, Mortal Kombat 11 is getting something a lot snugglier. Friendships are koming back to offset all the killing by way of selfies, xylophones, sand castles, and motorcycles. You know, friend stuff. The friendship finishers are coming as a free update for MK11 next week but NetherRealm are showing off a peek at them in a new trailer today.

Sub Zero's going to serve you an ice kream kone. Liu Kang goes to the disko. Scarlet's doing you a karikature painting. Is Johnny K Cage doing motorcycle tricks? I don't really know where the friendship comes into that unless he takes you along riding tandem but whatever.

Would ya lookit that, Mileena's back! Only as part of Kitana's friendship move though, it seems. Ah well. Take a peep at all the rest of these friend finishing moves coming in the new update.

The free friendship-bearing update will also add some new levels and environmental finishers to go along with them. "Kronika’s Keep and Soul Chamber will be brand-new additions," say NetherRealm. "Aftermath will also bring the klassic Dead Pool stage and RetroKade featuring favorites from MKI-III."

Friendship is free, but the Aftermath expansion will kost you. You can find that over on Steam for £35/€40/$40 when it launches on Tuesday, May 26th.

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