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Outriders demo patch will make its wild motion blur optional

It's releasing sometime "early next week"

I've given the free demo for third-person looter-shooter Outriders a whirl, and it is very much what you'd expect from a game that requires shooting, alongside some looting. Although I did crash to desktop a lot, and the strength of the motion blur gave me a headache. That was less good. Thankfully, a patch for the demo is on the way which is set to fix these issues and some other annoying bugs too.

In a beefy dev update, People Can Fly said they've currently got a patch for the game's free demo "in the pipeline", and intend on releasing it sometime "early next week".

First up, a hallowed motion blur toggle will be added. I'm not usually one to get hung up on visual effects like this, but good lord it's strong in Outriders. Something's wrong when you want to rinse your eyeballs after sprinting, so I'm looking forward to toggling motion blur off when the patch arrives.

Outriders also crashed on me, a lot. This patch fixes a crash that repeatedly occurs when opening the menu or inventory. I never encountered this one, but it also fixes a bug that deletes player gear if their connection drops out during a transition.

And they're toning down the amount of time it takes to find other players in matchmaking too. Always good if you're going it solo in Outriders, need some assistance, and don't want to wait too long to find suitable teammates.

It's also worth noting that another update for the Outriders demo is due to go live at 3pm GMT today. It will not require you to download anything, and if all goes swimmingly, a number of balance tweaks will be popped in. We're talking enemy buffs and nerfs, and changes to loot rewards to prevent loot-farming exploits.

The announcement also addresses plans for the full release of Outriders, due to launch April 1st. It includes more matchmaking improvements, fixes to make getting into cover easier, and squashing even more bugs which seem to adore disappearing items from player inventories.

If you're interested in giving Outriders a go, you can get the demo on Steam by clicking the big green download demo button.

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