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Palworld is getting new pals this summer, and there are plans for "many more"


Four new pals line up for Palworld: a karate frog, an angry peacock, a mushroom lizard, and an edgy looking creature with long sleeves
Image credit: Pocketpair

Palworld has teased four new beasts of burden for players to corral into their open world survival crafting sweatshops. The new pals are still unnamed but they appear to be the following: karate frog, confused peacock, dopey fungus, levitating sleeve creep. Within the confines of the arms manufacturing Pokélike, such creatures make sense. You can see them struggling to eke out an existence as a close personal friend of the player in the trailer below.

The pals were revealed as part of an Xbox showcase in partnership with IGN and are scheduled to arrive in an update this summer. There are also upcoming weapons on show, including an energy rifle of some kind and a new flamethrower. That's handy, considering the current "flamethrower" is literally a fox that you hold and squeeze to produce ferocious napalm.

At last count, Kiera noted there are 137 pals in Palworld. Four more seems like a fair amount for an update, although developers Pocketpair seek to reassure fans that this fresh squad of critters will not be the end. "We are planning to add many more new Pals in future updates," they say in the note accompanying the trailer.

Palworld fulfills a common gamer fantasy, said Katharine in her Palworld early access review. So long as that is the fantasy of being assigned a task and then completing that task.

"That's why, deep down, I know Palworld is essentially junk food of the highest order. There's no real joy or soul to be found here. All that's left is another neuron firing off in my brain, clapping its hands in a daze of stupefied glee. For as soon as I take my eyes off those carrots and start looking beyond the boundaries of my base, the rest of Palworld feels as tired and stale as its repetitive combat."

Not a fan then! But if you do find yourself munching on this particular junk food game, you might benefit from our Palworld guides. We have an obscene amount. Look, you can learn how to get cake. That sounds like something everyone should know.

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