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Soon you'll be able to revive your mates in Sea Of Thieves

Lend your mates a hook

The winds are always changing, which is especially true in Sea Of Thieves where they always seem to be blowing right into your face instead of the direction you're attempting to sail. Rare have posted a video explaining some new pirate features coming later this month in greater detail. Your crewmates will be able to revive you when you drop to 0 health instead of heading straight to the Ferry of the Damned and Rare have a new system for making it easier to keep track of your mates as well.

The biggest bit in today's new video is the revival system for crewmates. Losing all your health will now put you in a downed state for 15 seconds during which a crewmate or alliance member will be able to help you back up. Solo sloop sailors won't have anyone to revive them of course, though they'll spend less time waiting around on the Ferry Of The Damned as compensation.

Inside the Arena, crewmates will have about 10 seconds longer than in Adventure mode to revive an ally. Arena players will also be getting a timeout if they quit too many matches in too short a time because pirates are known for their sporting behavior, right?

In addition to the new crew revival system, Rare are also making some interesting quality of life changes to the high seas. Two new settings will be available in your menu. One will show the stating locations on your map for each Tall Tale story quest that your crew is currently eligible to embark on. The other will let you see the gamertag and an icon for your crewmates from further away than before. They'll be visible through obstacles as well, which is a pretty big change.

I'll admit my preferred pirate partner and I have often lamented that it's hard to find one another once we get separated on large islands. We'd theorized that a flare gun might be a fun in-world tool to help us relocate but I suppose a new interface element will also get the job done.

I do wonder how this jives with Sea Of Thieves' current interfaces which are all largely experienced as in-world items. Your map exists at a table on your ship. Your quest logs are parchment and books that you carry around. I love the physical presence of these other systems so it makes me just a bit sad and wary to see Rare take an out-of-world solution for these new elements. Ah well, back in my day and all, right?

This all goes down when the Ships Of Fortune update launches on April 22nd. If you hadn't heard, there will be cats. I knew there was a good reason I hadn't succumbed to buying a bird or monkey pet yet.

Sea Of Thieves will also be coming to Steam, though Rare reiterate in today's video that they've intentionally not set a date for that launch just yet to avoid putting extra pressure on their team while working from home during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

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