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Starfield's BetterHUD mod makes the UI less distracting during combat

The first of many

Starfield's BetterHUD mod.
Image credit: KhaoMaat/Bethesda

It begins. Starfield is out and while its official modding tools aren't yet available, that hasn't stopped its community from getting to work. For example: if you're getting distracted by Bethesda's latest throwing up XP and location-discovery messages in big fonts at the centre of the screen during combat, the BetterHUD mod should help.

By default, BetterHUD moves location text and XP indicators to the bottom of the screen and makes them smaller. It also lets you optionally "hide the XP indicator, enemy health bars, hit markers completely," if you're looking for a more sparse experience.

You can download BetterHUD by KhaoMaat from NexusMods.

You can install the mod using Nexus Mod's Vortex mod manager, or manually. In either case, you'll need to enable mods within Starfield, which requires creating a custom .ini file with a couple of properties. It's straightforward and clearly explained at the above link.

Starfield unlocked yesterday for those who bought the digital premium edition. For everyone else, it will be released on September 6th. If Skyrim is any indication, BetterHUD is almost certainly the tip of the iceberg, both in terms of modding generally and UI mods specifically.

Bethesda didn't provide us with advance code for Starfield, so our review isn't ready yet. We have been scratching our heads at its weird map and writing important guides, however, such as to the Starfield console commands and cheats.

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