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Street Fighter 6 beta gets update to delete the .exe so people stop playing it

Cheeky players had found ways to bypass the beta's end

Street Fighter 6's beta ran from October 7th until the 10th - or at least it was meant to. Some cheeky players found a way to keep playing the beta after it ended, prompting Capcom to release a new update earlier today to delete it from player's hard drives.

On October 14th, as per Games Radar, a mod was released for the beta that allowed players to keep entering its offline versus mode. All you needed was that initial beta invite key and you could keep playing even though the beta had technically finished.

Earlier this morning, Capcom released an update to the beta which deletes the executable from player's hard drives. It's an extremely basic method of preventing the beta from running.

Katharine had a chance to play Street Fighter 6 ahead of the beta back in September, and found it complelling in particular because of its new "Modern Controls" option. This setting squashes a character's moveset onto the D-pad and face buttons of a controller, meaning less experienced players can pull-off moves that might ordinarily require careful timing and combos to execute.

Even if you choose to simplify the controls, there's apparently still plenty of nuance in SF6's fighting system. That includes the new Drive Gauge, which charges when you parry attacks and can be spent on new, colourful Drive Impact attacks, as seen in the header image up top.

Now that the beta is buried, you'll have to wait for either another beta, or for Street Fighter 6 final release sometime in the summer of 2023.

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