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Diablo 4’s Lilith is shorter than Lady Dimitrescu, I looked it up

Brawlin' babes

I’m not big into Diablo, or Diablo-likes for that matter. I’ve dabbled in Minecraft Dungeons but that’s as close as I’ve flown to Diablo’s hellish sun. I wasn’t really going to bother with Blizzard’s latest click-em-up (seriously, why is there so much mouse clicking??) but I’ve since joined in with the treehouse’s Diablo 4 spree and turns out that maybe there is a reason for me to play Diablo after all. Her name is Lilith.

Lilith is great. She’s a tall demon queen with giant horns, has a major chip on her shoulder, and she’s out to destroy both Heaven and Hell. She seems like the kind of gal who would eat a bunch of babies and puppies as a snack, and I love that for her. It’s great that Blizzard decided to finally bench the titular demon himself and let his terrifying niece have her moment in the spotlight instead.

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Lilith hasn’t taken the internet by storm as much as Resident Evil's Lady Dimitrescu has, but she’s definitely drawn the same sort of attention, including mine. So yes, after a bit of Googling and forum scrolling, turns out that Lilith, Daughter of Hatred, Creator of Sanctuary, or simply ‘Mother’ is 8'5”, a bit shorter than Lady D at 9'6”.

And yes, okay she’s hot, blah blah funny memes, big stompy lady step on me, but I actually think Lilith is a great villain. Blizzard has gone SO HARD on their cutscenes for Diablo 4, to the point where I was clutching my pearls during the game's opening cinematic. Like, with the way she’s introduced, how can you not think she’s cool af? She emerges through a translucent fleshy gateway made of men’s blood to the terrifying shrills of an orchestra going absolutely apeshit.

Like, Jesus Christ, she’s terrifying. It makes me wanna fight her so bad, and not even in a sexy crush-me-under-your foot kind of way. I just want us both to mutually beat the shit out of each other. I picked a big, buff barbarian lass as my character in Diablo IV, and although bashing the skulls of evil villagers, and obliterating the ribcages of skeletons is fine, I want my big barbarian lady and the big demon lady to brawl it out. I want it to be beautiful and brutal.

Major major love for our tall queer vampire icon Lady D, but my feelings toward Lilith are different. Lilith isn’t mommy, she’s mother.

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