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Don't Worry, Activision Also Has A Walking Dead Game

So, those comic-based Walking Dead games from Telltale are pretty great, huh? Well, if you're worried about some "There ain't enough room in this town for the two of uuuuuuh [jaw falls off]" showdown, don't be. Activision's take on the one zombie franchise to rule them all is an entirely different animal - by which I mean it's the same animal as a lot of other animals: a first-person shooter. Also, it's based on AMC's Walking Dead television show instead of the comics. Terminal Reality, they of the recent Ghost Busters game and, er, Kinect Star Wars, is on development duty, promising an emphasis on scarce supplies and survival over all-out action.

IGN brings word that it'll star brothers Daryl and Merle Dixon undertaking a "haunting, unforgiving quest to make their way to the supposed safety of Atlanta.” Apparently, you'll also have to choose whether or not to trust other characters, make "major decisions," and carefully hoard food, ammo, and other such supplies - presumably in order to subsist on bullets and defeat zombies via foodfight.

Stealth will also play a major role, so I'm definitely interested in seeing how exactly Terminal Reality pulls all of this off - though I have my doubts about whether a more action-based formula can house the tension-laden character drama that's been responsible for Walking Dead's sudden surge in popularity.

It'll begin walking among the living in 2013. To be frank, I can't tell you much else, as I've only seen one episode of the show and am horrible with names. I remember that a bunch of people got angry, and two of them decided to have a manly Punchbattle while their youthful quarry escaped, though. Then zombies showed up, because they can smell ideological conflict. So there you have it: the full extent of my knowledge about The Walking Dead television program.

Perhaps, however, this teaser trailer will be of more use. Or maybe not, because it doesn't actually show any gameplay footage.

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