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Dragon's Dogma 2: Feast of Deception quest walkthrough

How to set yourself up perfectly for the Feast Of Deception

The false Arisen sits on the throne with the Godsway around his neck in a Dragon's Dogma 2 cutscene.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Capcom

Looking for a walkthrough for the main quest Feast Of Deception in Dragon's Dogma 2? Congratulations on getting to the end of the first major story arc (some might say Act 1) of Dragon's Dogma 2. There's a lot more to go after that, but first you have to sit through a number of cutscenes and dialogues which make up the quest, Feast Of Deception.

But if it's just cutscenes and dialogue, why bother with a walkthrough? Because, dear reader, we highly recommend you complete a certain side-quest before you start Feast Of Deception. We'll go over that quest and how to complete the main story quest itself in this Feast Of Deception walkthrough.

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Feast Of Deception quest walkthrough

Feast Of Deception objectives:

  • (Optional) Begin "The Arisen's Shadow" side-quest.
  • (Optional) Capture Bermudo but don't kill him.
  • (Optional) Talk to Brant about Bermudo.
  • Tell Brant you are ready for the coronation.
  • Wait for the results of Brant's investigation.

Honestly, "Feast of Deception" is barely a quest in itself, more just a collection of cutscenes. However! We'd strongly recommend you complete "The Arisen's Shadow" side-quest first, as it sets you up nicely for the next main quest after this one.

"The Arisen's Shadow" is started automatically, the moment you completed the "Monster Culling" quest. Turns out, there's a brown-cloaked figure who occasionally spies on you while you're in Vernworth. Walk around til you find him, then run after him and grab him (yes, literally grab him).

Have a conversation with the spy, Bermudo, and he'll ask you to let him go in exchange for coin. We recommend you refuse, after which you'll enter a fight with him.

The player in Dragon's Dogma 2 chases after a brown-cloaked figure in Vernworth.
Chase after the spy, Bermudo, and grab him until he relents. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Capcom

IMPORTANT: don't kill Bermudo. You need to wait for Brant to come in and break up the fight. The surest way to do this is by just picking up Bermudo whenever possible, and walking him towards the Stardrop Inn until Brant arrives. After that, you'll talk to Brant back in the Inn. Sit on the bench behind Brant and sleep, and then speak to Brant again to complete "The Arisen's Shadow".

Now back to the main quest: talk to Brant once more and tell him you are ready for the coronation. Then sit back and relax while you watch the cutscenes and dialogues that follow. We won't spoil what happens here, you'll find out soon enough.

Once control is back in your hands, just sit on the bench behind Brant again until the game tells you that you have awaited Brant's plan of action. Then speak to him again to complete the quest, where you'll receive a rare and valuable Portcrystal for finally completing Brant's questline.

Captain Brant gives the player in Dragon's Dogma 2 a Border Entry Permit.
Having Bermudo in custody gives you an easier time entering Battahl in the next quest. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Capcom

So, why is it important that you complete "The Arisen's Shadow" first? Because if you do, then Brant's investigation involves speaking to Bermudo, the captured spy, after which Brant will give you a Border Entry Permit, which allows you to enter Battahl without issue in the next main quest. He also will give you a tip about an important upcoming character.

If you don't complete "The Arisen's Shadow" (or if you kill Bermudo or let him go), then you don't get the tip about the upcoming character, and Brant is only able to procure a Beastren Border Entry Permit. This lesser permit works fine if your main character is Beastren, but if it isn't then you may have to disguise yourself as Beastren using a mask that costs 8,700g (more info below).

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