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Dragon's Dogma 2: The Stolen Throne quest walkthrough

How to complete The Stolen Throne quest and learn more about the false Arisen

The player character in Dragon's Dogma 2, clad in an Eventide Mask, speaks to the character Wilhelmina in a cutscene.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Capcom

Looking to complete The Stolen Throne quest in Dragon's Dogma 2? From the very beginning of Dragon's Dogma 2, it's clear that something is awry with the so-called Arisen in Vernworth Castle. The Stolen Throne is your first proper opportunity to learn more, so let's not spend the entire quest walking about in confusion.

Keep reading for a full-fledged walkthrough of The Stolen Throne main quest in Dragon's Dogma 2, which goes through how to easily acquire formalwear for the masquerade, where to go, and how to complete the quest itself.

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The Stolen Throne quest walkthrough

The Stolen Throne objectives:

  • Take (and wear) the clothing items from Allard's Estate.
  • Enter Vernworth Hall and join the Masquerade.
  • Go through the hidden passage at the back of the Hall.
  • Reach the Rose Chateau Bordelrie via the balcony.
  • Spy through the peephole.
  • Report back to Brant.
Two side-by-side maps of Vernworth city and Vernworth Castle in Dragon's Dogma 2, with the locations of Allard's Estate and Vernworth Hall marked with yellow circles and text.
The masquerade is at Vernworth Hall, but we'd recommend taking formal clothes from Allard's Estate first! | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Capcom

"The Stolen Throne" is a pretty quick and simple quest, given to you by Brant after asking him to tell you of the masquerade. You'll need formal clothes for this quest, so we'd recommend raiding Allard's Estate in southwest Vernworth. Just barge in there and loot what's not nailed down, and you'll find a Courtly Tunic and Courtly Breeches. This, combined with your Eventide Mask that Brant gives you, will be enough to pass for anonymous nobility at the masquerade.

Head into Vernworth Castle and enter Vernworth Hall on the right. Immediately turn left and head around the outside circular hallway until you reach the back wall opposite the front door. There are two doors leading to side-rooms at the back, and you can feel free to explore them. But once you're done, go to the centre of that back wall and you'll notice an inset section of wall, which is practically screaming "secret passage" to anyone who isn't an NPC.

An annotated screenshot of a hidden passage at the back of Vernworth Hall in Dragon's Dogma 2.
The hidden passage is directly in between the two doors on the back wall of Vernworth Hall. Push through it and then follow the path to complete the quest. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Capcom

Push against this inset section of wall and you'll enter a secret room. The room doesn't actually have much of interest in it, but it leads out via a balcony into the neighbouring Rose Chateau Bordelrie, a premium brothel.

Once you enter the Bordelrie, you'll meet with Wilhelmina, who runs the place. A series of cutscenes will ensue, during which you get the opportunity to do some snooping through a peephole to find out more about the story of Vernworth's false Arisen. We won't spoil anything here, but it's juicy stuff.

After that, Wilhelmina will give you a Myrmecoleon Card that allows you to come back at any time, and sends you off to report back to Brant at the Stardrop Inn. Do that, and you'll get a 6,500g payout, plus a Wakestone Shard.

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That's all you need to do to complete this quest and find out more about the so-called Arisen that rules Vernworth. While you're here, why not check out our guides on the best builds for the Archer, Fighter, Mage, Magick Archer, Mystic Spearhand, Sorcerer, Thief, Trickster, Warrior, and Warfarer!

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