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Elden Ring best PvP build: Elden Ring mech build guide

Learn how to make an Elden Ring mech build that is unstoppable in PvP

Looking for an Elden Ring mech build? An article from our friends over at Eurogamer brought this mech build, created by Youtuber Adam Barker, to our attention. This build seems to absolutely destroy enemies in PvP, making it an unstoppable Elden Ring build.

Below, we’ll explain how to create an Elden Ring mech build, covering where to find the Unendurable Frenzy incantation that is key to this build and the essential stats and items that you will need.

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Elden Ring mech build

This Elden Ring mech build uses a Frenzied Flame incantation named Unendurable Frenzy, which sends out blasts of maddening flames from your character's eyes. It's an interesting way to fire out missiles, but highly effective.

Where to find the Unendurable Frenzy incantation in Elden Ring

You can find the Unendurable Frenzy spell in the Yelough Anix Ruins on the West side of the Consecrated Snowfield. Scale the walls to access a part of the ruins with stairs leading down into a basement, which is otherwise inaccessible. Inside, you’ll find a chest that contains the Unendurable Frenzy incantation.

If you aren't sure how to find the Consecrated Snowfields, check out our guide on how to find Malenia, Blade of Miquella, to learn how to get the Haligtree Medallion and find this optional area.

Elden Ring mech build stat requirements

To use the Unendurable Frenzy spell, you need to have 31 Faith. You should continue to push this further to increase the damage of your incantations, but we also recommend investing points into Endurance and Vigor. These will increase your equip load and health so that you can take more hits from enemies and wear the heaviest armor.

Important gear for the Elden Ring mech build

Barker combines the Unendurable Frenzy incantation with the Ironjar Aromatic and two crystal tears to make this mech build truly unstoppable.

The Ironjar Aromatic is an item that you can use to temporarily turn your character's body into steel, metal mario style. You can craft this after finding the Perfumer's Cookbook (3), found by using a teleportation chest in the Auriza Side Tomb dungeon near the Draconic Tree Sentinel fight. You'll need the following ingredients:

  • Altus Bloom (x2): Found commonly throughout the Altus Plateau
  • Budding Cave Moss (x1): Found in various caves throughout the Lands Between, especially common in Perfumer's Grotto (located on the road South of Stormcaller Church)
  • Living Jar Shard (x3): Kill Living Jar enemies

As mentioned above, you should also use the following Crystal Tears in the Flask of Wondrous Physick:

  • Cerulean Hidden Tear: Obtained by killing the Ulcerated Tree Spirit at the Mt Gelmir Minor Erdtree
  • Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear: Found in the Mountaintops of the Giants, following the cliff northeast from the Foot of the Forge Site of Grace
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The Cerulean Hidden Tear makes your spells free to cast for a short period of time, while the Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear makes any incoming magic damage recover your health instead. As you can see in the video linked above, this allows you to cast Unendurable Frenzy for a long time with a very low risk of dying. In fact, Barker only dies once throughout the whole video, showcasing just how strong this Elden Ring mech build is.

Combine these items with some heavy armour, like the Radahn or Lionel sets in our list of the best armor sets in Elden Ring, to create a hulking mech-like Elden Ring build. It absolutely devastates enemy players, as you'll take very little damage while unleashing a relentless burst of flames to crush your opponents.

That's everything you need to know to make this Elden Ring mech build. If you want to test this build out against other players, check out our Elden Ring multiplayer guide. You can also use our Elden Ring boss locations guide to test your mech build against some PvE challenges. If you just want to push ahead with the main quest, take a look at our full Elden Ring walkthrough. If you start to struggle at any point, take a look at our Elden Ring Golden Seeds, Sacred Tears, and Memory Stones locations guide to further upgrade your character.

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