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Everything in the RPS Cave of Wonders at Rezzed

We've got Everything

This is a post with a very clever title! The last game featured in our RPS Cave of Wonders at Rezzed this week is Everything, David OReilly's gorgeous interactive nature simulation where you can skip up or down in scale to make discoveries and roam an entire universe. BUT! It's also a good point to remind you of everything that will be joining Everything in the cave, so read on for, well, Everything and everything:

First, let's focus in on Everything [official site].

I've spent an hour today already with the build skipping from lenticular galaxy to baby sea turtle to pollen grain and back up to a cluster of old buildings in the middle of a desert. It's such a lovely thing to dip into so it felt like a brilliant fit for an expo where you might only have a few moments to play.

It's also not out on PC yet so this is a good opportunity to sneak in a preview!

Here are some snippets from our play session today:

Cover image for YouTube video

Now let's round up everything! Here's the full list of what you'll find in the Cave of Wonders:

A Light in Chorus
Frozen Synapse 2
Serial Cleaner
Snake Pass
Super Arcade Football
Tokyo 42

An excellent haul! See you there :)

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