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Hitman 3’s Dartmoor Garden Show sets up some prize-winning murders


Agent 47 stares at a poisonous frog through a glass tank in Hitman 3
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun / IO Interactive

If Hitman 3’s latest escalation mission looks familiar, it’s because the last time you were here, 47 was working hard to solve a murder mystery in Dartmoor Mansion. Returning to the scene of the crime finds the mansion in full bloom, and now playing host to a garden party. With four full gardens installed in the grounds, the murky murder mystery setting makes way for bright skies, gorgeous plants, and milling judges in the Dartmoor Garden Show.

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This is the base for the latest escalation mission. I can't tell you what the score is, because it’s different every time. According to developers IO Interactive: “A client and accomplice are randomly assigned, meaning that the winner of the Garden Show (which is based just as much on who is alive to claim the prize, as it is based on the quality of the gardens) will be different each time.”

Whoever you track and kill, there are a few rural methods of death to choose now, including poisonous frogs. There are plenty of bushes to skulk in, too.

When you’ve completed the escalation mode, you can return to another new mode to try out. Deterministic mode seems to let you simply experience the garden party as you wish, letting you choose who’s left alive at the end of the event to claim the prize. Go on, have fun with it! It’s also probably the best mode to plod through all the challenges, like killing someone with a coconut. Contracts mode is also enabled, meaning you can set challenges for others, or play a few plucked from the community.

Dartmoor Garden Party is out now for all owners of Hitman 3.

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