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Cold War Zombies: Easter Egg walkthrough

Step-by-step, how to complete the Zombies easter egg.

If you take a few very specific steps in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode, you can unlock a special easter egg, as well as special abilities known as Wonder Weapons. Be warned: it’ll take a long ol’ time, and is much easier with a group of friends, so get these instructions up, squad up with your gang, and get ready for the grind. Here's how to get the easter egg in Cold War Zombies mode.

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How to get the Zombies easter egg

There are a few steps you’ll have to go through, so have a look at our contents list above to make sure you’re in the right place. You don’t want to have to traipse across the map before realising you’ve missed a pickup!

Step 1: Turn on the power

We’ve got a whole page detailing how to turn on the power and access the Pack-A-Punch machine in Cold War Zombies, but for your convenience, here’s the short version. Go inside, head up the stairs, and exit through the back door to the crash site. From there, buy entry to underground doors until you make it to the giant reactor room. Open the final door, turn on the power, activate the terminals, and enter the portal. Head up to the surface, jump into the Aether Portal, and grab the machine part, plugging it into the centre of the reactor room.

Boom, there you have it. Pack-A-Punch and power are now available to you, so you can grab perks wherever you find them.

Step 2: Fight Megaton

Your handlers will warn you about a giant radiation spike in your vicinity. When this happens, you’ll know that Megaton is here. A big green boy. The route out to the marshy area will be open now, just past the crash site’s plane. Head over there and look out for a weird looking tree, stand near it, and Megaton will start chucking his gross goop all over you. When Megaton’s goop hits the tree, the fungus will turn purple, which will be nice and helpful later.

Now though, start shooting Megaton up. He doesn’t count towards round endings, so if you’re struggling it might be good to leave a couple normal zombies alive while you deal with this big chap. Be very careful, as Megaton deals ludicrous damage. Once you’ve dealt enough damage, Megaton will split into two pieces. Deal with them as well, ideally with your Pack-A-Punched weapons, and they’ll drop a Keycard on the ground. Pick it up.

Step 3: Use the Keycard and get the D.I.E Wonder Weapon

This is the point you might’ve got to previously, and you’ll have to actually start going to the right places.

Head downstairs to the weapons locker and use the keycard on the hole in the wall opposite where the mystery box spawns (there’ll be a little rabbit sitting there). It’s the room with the giant nuke hanging from the ceiling, and can be accessed by turning right instead of left when faced with the trials machine fork in the road. You can also access it through the main machine room too.

You’ll then get the D.I.E remote control. Pop into the Living Room, which is one of the rooms available directly after you go into the building from the initial entry point, and look out for a blue glow in the wall. Activate the D.I.E machine and the door will start sucking up zombies Naughty Noo-Noo style. The machine only lasts a short amount of time and you’ll have to get zombies to run past it, so make sure you activate it when there are undead bearing down on you. Do not do this on a dog round, as dogs don’t get sucked up. Wait for normal zombies to be walking past and make sure you don’t get trapped.

If you have enough zombies sucked up, go back to the machine and you’ll be able to take the D.I.E Shockwave Wonder Weapon, which packs a hell of a punch.

Step 4: Find the Aetherscope

Now you’ll be heading back into the Dark Aether, the alternative dimension you’ve hung out in for a bit before. You’ll need to check the following locations to obtain all Aetherscope parts:

  • The crashed plane
  • Under the stairs in the starting area
  • By the anomaly portal in the particle accelerator

Once you have all three parts, it’s time to craft it at whatever crafting table is nearby.

Step 5: Dr. Vogel’s diary

Thought you were done with the Dark Aether? Hah. Back into the portal you go.

Head over to the Medical Bay and find the desk with the computer atop it. There, you’ll be able to grab Dr. Vogel’s diary. Now, you have to go around and interact with three more fetch quests - here’s where you’ll need to head:

  • Medical Bay - on the bottom floor
  • Control Room - on the right hand side as you enter
  • Particle Accelerator - find the work bench - the anomaly will be to the side

Get out of the Dark Aether now, and head back to the computer. Input the password and it’s time to move on to the next step.

Step 6: Upgrade D.I.E Wonder Weapons

Now you’ll need to upgrade your D.I.E Wonder Weapons. This is a bit of an ordeal, so bear with.

D.I.E Cryo-Emitter

Get to the roof of the Penthouse of the initial building and shoot the box on the edge with the D.I.E. Shockwave. Pick up the Empty Flask, and while you’re here, look across the debris at the golden item. You can’t reach it on foot, so use the D.I.E weapon’s suction ability to grab the Empty Canister.

Head back down to the tree you previously got Megaton to shoot at, with the purple fungus. Interact with the tree and you’ll use the flask to get the fungal goop. Go back to the Medical Bay (the room with Speed Cola in it) and deposit the contents into the chained-up box near the door. This’ll give you the D.I.E Cryo-Emitter.

D.I.E Nova 5

This one will require you to use the canister you got earlier from the Penthouse. With it in tow, go to the Weapons Lab and put the canister in the white machine downstairs, across the way from the Deadshot Daiquiri machine. A plaguehound will spawn, so be ready to kill it off. This’ll fill the canister with plaguehound gas, which you can then take to the crash site. Melee the small box that appears to get the next Wonder Weapon.

D.I.E Electrobolt

Head back down to the particle accelerator and pop on into the Aether Portal under the Pack-A-Punch machine. You’ll now need to collect three crystals. Here’s where they’ll be:

  • Pond - near the mystery box location
  • Penthouse - you’ve been here before (where you found the empty canister)
  • Crash site - to the right of the tunnel

You have to collect them one at a time and take them back down to the particle accelerator room. Once you’ve done all three, you can switch to Electrobolt.

D.I.E Thermophasic

The last one! Finally! Head to the pond and enter the Dark Aether. Go to the crash site and melee the small box there. Now you’ll be under a time limit to complete the next steps.

  • Pick up the Fuse
  • Go to the Weapons Lab
  • Place the fuse in the Plasma Cutter machine
  • Exit the Dark Aether and go back to the pond
  • Interact with the green box under the truck

There you go! You’ve done all the D.I.E weapons. Was it fun?

Step 7: The decontamination agent

Okay, we’re getting there. Now you just have to find the decontamination agent and get outta there.

A big device will have appeared in the Medical Bay. Shoot it with all of the D.I.E Wonder Weapon configurations. The cylinders will rise upwards when you hit them with each upgrade. These are the final steps you’ll have to complete:

  • Enter the portal to the Dark Aether
  • Climb the stairs and speak to the anomaly
  • Return from the Dark Aether and go to the Medical Bay
  • Grab the Dark Aether Wrench
  • Go back outside to the yard
  • Interact with the broken tank in four areas with the Dark Aether Wrench
  • Kill the zombie that tries to come out of the tank
  • Craft a semtex or frag grenade (if you don’t have one already)
  • Explode the hatch on the tank and watch it fire a shot. Go to the crash site
  • Grab the decontamination agent from the ground near the destroyed tree
  • Put the decontamination agent in the red receptacle in Medical Bay
  • Megaton will appear. Kill it to split him in two
  • Lure the two parts under the decontamination agent and they’ll be sucked up
  • Use the computer in Medical Bay

This will start a lockdown sequence wherein an absolute load of Megatons will appear. Kill them off and start heading towards the living room in Nacht der Untoten. Enter the Dark Aether again, and talk to Orlov. Return to the real world, pick up the Orlov Family Photo, and take a deep breath.

Now, you just need to survive and protect Orlov while he shuts down the particle accelerator. This is an extremely tough fight, so be as prepared as possible, crafting equipment and ensuring your armour is topped up. Use your Wonder Weapon - this’ll help big time - and get your squad to prioritise survival and protecting Orlov to make him work faster.

Escape, avoiding the lightning bolts, to the exfil site at the pond. Interact with the chopper, and you’ll be out of there. Phew. That was exhausting.

Congratulations though! You’ve completed the Cold War Zombies easter egg! Why not have a look at other pages we’ve got too. Maybe you fancy trying a different mode after all that effort, so we have a Cold War best guns tier list for you there. Or, perhaps you want a quick explainer on the Cold War campaign endings, and wouldn’t you know it - we have them too.

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