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Lightyear Frontier brings its space farming mechs to early access next year

Where no mech has gone before

A group of mechs farming in Lightyear Frontier
Image credit: Frame Break

It's almost time to start your tractor mech engines, as space farming sim Lightyear Frontier will enter early access in early 2024. Developer Frame Break made the announcement during yesterday's Xbox Games Showcase Extended livestream, alongside new footage of multiplayer gameplay.

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Lightyear Frontier was originally planned to release into early access in spring 2023, but Frame Break announced they were delaying the game for an "unspecified amount of time" back in March. Back then, Alice commented on the decision of the developers to delay early access, rather than just pushing it out in whatever state it was in. The extra months from now until next spring will hopefully give Frame Break the time they feel they need to polish the game and get it ready for early access.

In the new gameplay footage, the players stumble across some hidden ruins which may hold answers to questions about the Frontier and its history. Hang on, exploring to find alien artifacts in space using customisable vehicles? Where I've heard that before... Maybe Lightyear Frontier was more Starfield than Stardew Valley this whole time.

Lightyear Frontier will get the chance to prove itself as its own game early next year, when it hits early access on Steam and Game Pass.

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