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Minecraft is getting Batman DLC next week, including Gotham and many villains

Holy Blocks!

I find I have next to no interest in the coming Gotham Knights, but a blocky recreation of Gotham in Minecraft? Yeah, that's cute. It's part of what's coming in the newly announced Batman DLC for Minecraft, as well as the ability to fight Batman's rogue gallery including the Penguin, Poison Ivy and The Joker.

Mojang announced the DLC in a segment during this evening's Minecraft Live stream. You can watch the trailer, and a brief introduction from DC's Jim Lee, at around the 1h 6m mark in the video below:

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That trailer says only that the DLC is "coming soon", but the official Minecraft Twitter account confirmed its release date as just three days from now on October 18th.

To me, Minecraft is mostly about climbing a big mountain in the rain, digging a small home into the side of that mountain, and then occasionally gazing at the horizon and sighing. But grappling around Gotham and biffing the Joker just seems like a fun lark, and I like the way they've translated a lot of the character designs. The Penguin in particular, with his protruding nose and big monocle, is just superb.

This was just one small announcement among many larger announcements during Minecraft Live. There was also an extended look at Minecraft Legends, the spin-off strategy game; information on the new creative options coming in Minecraft 1.2 next year; and a look at Minecraft Dungeons' Fauna Faire update and its four player co-op roguelike mode.

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