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Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Energy Cell fragment locations: how to get more energy

Use more skills

Do you like using abilities a lot in games like Ori And The Will Of The Wisps? If so, you'll want to have as many energy cells as possible. To do so, you'll need to collect a lot of fragments which combine together to increase your ability pool. We've begun the hunt for all of the energy cell fragments so you know where to go and what skills are needed to reach them.


What are Energy Cell fragments?

Energy Cell fragments are collectables that you will need to get two copies to make an extra chunk of maximum energy to use abilities. You can normally recover energy by hitting blue slugs that are poking out of the ground. Since certain abilities require a large amount of energy to use, you'll want as many energy cells remaining as possible.

This can make recovering life easier with regeneration, with more health recovered if you have been hunting for life cell fragments. We have a separate Ori And The Will Of The Wisps life cell fragment locations guide to help you with this.

If you want to find as many Spirit Shards as you can to use energy on, check out our Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Spirit Shard locations guide for their locations.

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps energy cell fragments

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Energy Cell fragment locations

Based on some early footage of the game that we saw, there could be as many as 34 Energy Cell fragments to seek out. We've found a few of them thus far, so we'll be separating them into areas so you can easily tell if you need to move on from your current area. We'll be adding to the list once we've confirmed every Energy Cell fragment's location.

Energy Cell fragment location areas

Inkwater Marsh

  • After hitting the trunk below where you first meet Ophel, head down and you’ll see a circular mossy platform with spinning spikes. Beyond that, there’s a couple more spikes with springs. Use the first spring, latch onto the wall and head across to the right. Once safely on the right platform, jump back towards the spinning platform that has a second spring and jump through the gap between the spikes on your left to find the energy cell fragment.
  • After getting the bash ability, go back to the western Spirit Well. From there, head right and down until you see the first lantern. Use it and take the fragment.

Kwolok’s Hollow

  • As you reduce the water level in this area, you'll eventually see a crumbled up wall to the left near some spikes. Attack the wall on the left with the spikes near it to reveal a hidden room and an energy cell fragment. If you drop down to an area with logs and large drops to the right, you've gone too far.
  • As you head upwards with the Bash ability, you’ll come across an area where you can use purple projectiles to dash a short distance. There’s a turret that shoots straight downwards. Try to angle yourself so that you sling just to the other side of the wall on its right. Using your second jump, latch onto the wall, then leap across and dash to reach the platform.
  • After getting the Spirit Arc, shoot the light and wait for the platform to rise. Don't jump on top of it, instead go through the bottom and ride it to the bottom to find an energy fragment.


  • After unlocking the first big door in the area, carefully navigate your way to the right using the lanterns. Pass underneath and, if you can, take a damage boost. At the end of this gauntlet is an energy cell fragment. I recommend having the Regenerate ability equipped to heal up for the return trip.
  • Once you've got the grapple ability, head past the door and backtrack until you get to the mossy cog over the ledge downwards. Leap up to where the switch is, then jump to the wall on your left. Grapple using the blue slug on the ceiling to get to the energy cell fragment.
  • After the tentacle monster chase scene, head back towards Wellspring Glades until you see a snapping vine submerged fully into the now pure water. Dive in and head to the left. Avoid the two snapping vines and make your way to the other side where the fragment is.
  • Rebuild the huts using "Roofs Over Heads" Gorlek build, then deliver the Baur's Reach seed to Tuley. Bounce on the springs to the top and enter the hut. At the bottom is the energy cell fragment.

Windswept Wastes

  • Once you have the burrow ability, head back down to the lower levels. The red leaper is above some sand that you can burrow through. Carefully weave between the snapping plant traps to find the fragment.
  • From the eastern Spirit Well in this area, head left and drop down. Dig through the sand to the upper left path and continue until you find a Spirit Orb container. The sand above it has a gap which leads to the energy cell fragment.

Luma Pools

  • On the route back to Wellspring, near the lanterns that go over a lot of spikes, there is a pond with a vine snapper. Let it spit a projectile and aim for the wall on the left to grab the energy cell fragment.
  • Once you've obtained the skill that allows you to dash through water, head back to the upper middle part of the area. Near the challenge start point, there is an enemy stuck on the wall. Use the grapple enemy ability to latch onto it and carefully jump to the hanging logs. Head to the bubbles and bounce off them to hit a switch. Use the spring in the room that opens to your right to reach the switch at the top. The switch opens a door to your left which has the fragment.

Mouldwood Depths

  • Get the Flash ability and head to the lower left part of the area. You'll be in the right place when you see a Moki. Dive into the water and follow the path until you get to the bottom. Hang a right and go into the shadows to find a secret area. Head up to find the energy fragment.

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps guides series

These are all the Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Life Cell fragment locations that we know of so far, but there are plenty of other collectables to find. We have a bunch of guides readily prepared below that cover all sorts of things, from the locations of Gorlek Ores and energy cell fragments, builds for Ori's skills, and boss fight/chase sequence strategies.

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