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Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Spirit Shard upgrade locations: where to find combat shrines

All the skills

While he had a lot of skills in the first game, Ori And The Will Of The Wisps gives Ori a lot more that are combat focused. There are also a lot of Spirit Shards to be collected by finding combat shrines in the world, which can be used to apply more Skill Shards to modify your existing move set. There's a lot to cover here, so let's get started.


What are Spirit Shard upgrades?

Shard upgrades are used to select extra spirit shard modifiers to give Ori more passive abilities. These do everything from give the Spirit Arc skill multiple projectiles, to swapping maximum health and energy. The more Shard upgrades you get, the more modifiers you can equip.

We will be looking at which skill modifiers are the best ones to combine with the regular skills at a later date, so stay tuned for our Ori And The Will Of The Wisps builds (COMING SOON) guide. So far, we know of 12 of the 18 skill modifiers and while we know that most of them have three levels, we don't currently know all of the effects.

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps spirit shards

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps combat shrine locations

From some early game footage that we've seen, there could be as many as 31 shards to find. We'll be separating them into areas they are found, just so you can easily tell if you have found all of the shrines for the area you are in. We'll be adding to the list once we've confirmed every combat shrine location. To get the shard upgrade from that shrine, you'll need to defeat all the enemies that appear. For every shrine, we'll list the enemies you need to defeat.

Combat shrine location areas

Inkwater Marsh

  • From the Inkwater Marsh Spirit Well, head east until you find a log that lights up on the left side as you get close. Break it and drop down, being careful to not touch the spikes or water. Use the springs, vines and moss to navigate this hazardous area and climb up the other side until you find the combat shrine. You face off against:
    • Two mosquitos
    • A leaper bug and three green mosquitos
    • A red leaper bug and a mosquito.


  • After the tentacle monster chase, head towards Wellspring Glade. The first enemy you'll see is a purple spitting plant and above that are two lanterns. Head upwards and to the right when you reach the top to find the shrine. The waves here are:
    • Two purple crabs and a bee
    • A small horn beetle and two vine snappers
    • Two yellow crabs that spin and two bees
    • Two leapers, a yellow crab, and a vine snapper

Silent Woods

  • Just before floating towards the Feeding Grounds, drop down and weave between the various spikes. You'll find the shrine in the area beyond and it contains the following foes:
    • A small horned beetle, a lizard, and three mosquitoes.
    • Two vine snappers and two red slugs.
    • Lots of exploding bugs.
    • Two leapers, a red leaper, a blue leaper, and a hanging spider.

Mouldwood Depths

  • Get the Flash ability and head to the lower left part of the area. You'll be in the right place when you see a Moki. Dive into the water and follow the path to get to the switch. Keep going afterwards and climb up to find the combat shrine. Here there are the following monsters to defeat:
    • Three hanging spiders.
    • Two Gorlek Miners and a hanging spider.
    • Two vine snappers and two hanging spiders.
    • A purple hanging spider that shoots streams of acid and a red slug.

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Spirit Shards

Where do I get Spirit Shards?

Now you have a bunch of Spirit Shard upgrades available to increase the number of Ori's abilities, what on earth do you spend them on? These Spirit Shards can be bought from Twillen and they can either have an effect that upgrades up to three levels, or one base effect. To upgrade these skill shards, you will need to spend more Spirit Light Orbs at the shop. Here are all of the upgrades available in the game:

  • Resilience: Take less damage.
    • Lv1: -10% damage. (Found in Inkwater Marsh, west of Lupo and past the stick blockade.)
    • Lv2: -20% damage. (200 Spirit Light Orbs)
    • Lv3: -25% damage. (600 Spirit Light Orbs)
    • Lv4: -30% damage. (800 Spirit Light Orbs)
  • Magnet: Orbs float to Ori.
    • Lv1: From half-screen away. (Found in Inkwater Marsh, close to the Spirit Edge shard.)
    • Lv2: A great distance away. (500 Spirit Light Orbs)
    • Lv3: ?
  • Splinter: Spirit Arc shots split into smaller projectiles that deal 50% damage each.
    • Lv1: Three shots. (Found in Kwolok's Hollow, through the optional stone door to the right you can unlock shortly after getting Bash.)
    • Lv2: Four shots. (400 Spirit Light Orbs)
    • Lv3: Five shots. (1000 Spirit Light Orbs)
  • Quickshot: Spirit Arc fires faster.
    • Lv1: +25% faster. (Found in Kwolok's Hollow after getting Dash. Head back up as far as the two mosquitoes. Jump on top of the first falling rock and off to fire an arrow. Then dash through the four falling blocks to reach it.)
    • Lv2: +50% faster. (500 Spirit Light Orbs)
    • Lv3: ?
  • Energy: Gain additional energy cells
    • Lv1: +1 energy cell.  (200 Spirit Light Orbs)
    • Lv2: +2 energy cells.
    • Lv3: +3 energy cells.
  • Vitality: Gain additional life cells
    • Lv1: +1 life cell. (200 Spirit Light Orbs)
    • Lv2: +2 life cells.
    • Lv3: +3 life cells.
  • Reckless: Increase damage dealt and taken.
    • Lv1: +15% damage dealt and taken.
      (Inkwater Marsh: Found to the west of Mokk the Brave. Destroy the first wall as you go up)
    • Lv2: +25% (400 Spirit Light Orbs)
    • Lv3: +35% (800 Spirit Light Orbs)
  • Life Harvest: Enemies drop more life orbs. (Found in Wellspring, head west of the first door and knock it down. Head to the bottom left and pull the lever to unlock a door. Use the lanterns to bounce up and claim the shard.)
  • Energy Harvest: Enemies drop more energy orbs.
  • Light Harvest: Enemies drop extra Spirit Light Orbs
    • Lv1: Extra two orbs dropped. (250 Spirit Light Orbs)
    • Lv2: Extra three orbs dropped.
    • Lv3: Extra four orbs dropped.
  • Finesse: Chance to deal 50% bonus damage.
    • Lv1: 10% chance. (200 Spirit Light Orbs)
    • Lv2: 20% chance.
    • Lv3: ?
  • Ultra Grapple: Grapple to enemies.
    • One enemy per jump
      (Wellspring: Before the second door, grapple to the cog to the left and head to the left, beating the enemy along the way. Jump and grapple along the lantern far to the left to get to the other side. Grapple up to the top and head back right, making sure you reach the platform above the third door. To the right of this is the Ultra Grapple ability.)
    • One enemy per jump and deal damage (300 Spirit Light Orbs)
    • Two enemies per jump and deal damage (600 Spirit Light Orbs)
  • Thorn: Deals damage to enemies when Ori has taken melee damage.
    • Lv1: 25% damage
      (Wellspring: In the first door, activate the cogs and flip to the ceiling of the starting room. Head left and drop down all the way at the end to find this shard.)
    • Lv2: 50% damage (800 Spirit Light Orbs)
  • Spirit Surge: Spirit Light grants bonus damage.
    • Lv1: Caps at 3000 Spirit Light.
      (Mouldwood Depths: After getting the Flash ability, head down and to the left as far as possible on the cave that led to it. You'll see two grapple points next to each other and a lot of spikes. Float to the far left and grapple up the left to get this shard)
    • Lv2: Caps at 6000 Spirit light
  • Wingclip: Deal bonus damage to flying enemies. (200 Spirit Light Orbs)
  • Overcharge: Reduce energy costs by 50% and increase damage taken by 100%. (300 Spirit Light Orbs)
  • Swap: Swap maximum life and energy. (300 Spirit Light Orbs)
  • Triple Jump: Jump twice mid-air before landing.  (2200 Spirit Light Orbs)
  • Sticky: Climb on walls. (Found in Howl's Den, climb up the wall after finding Double Jump)

There are also some Spirit Shards that we know exist, but not all of the details have been revealed about them as we had some technical difficulties while logging the skills. These are the maxed out versions of some of the abilities, which we will update once we know the prices of all the upgrades and the lower levels of these shards.

  • Arcing: Spirit Arc shots also hit nearby enemies.
    (Wellspring Glades: After rebuilding the huts with Ores and delivering the Blue Moon seed to Tuley, grapple up the huts and go across the bridge. Drop down through it and dash right to find this ability.)
  • Overflow: Convert excess energy to life, and excess life to energy.
  • Life Pact: Spend life to cast spells when out of energy.
  • Last Stand: Deal 20% more damage when below 15% life.
    (Windswept Wastes: Go up the gap in the ceiling from the wooden bridge on the lower levels. Jump onto the sand walls and guide the bolt to the crumbling wall on the far end to reach this shard.)
  • Lifeforce: 30% bonus damage when above half life.
    (Baur's Reach: Once you have the burrow ability, head to the upper left part of the room left of the western Spirit Well. Burrow into the snow and use the ability to weave up past the spikes. You'll reach the shard at the top)
  • Finesse: 20% damage to deal 50% bonus damage.
  • Deflector: Melee attacks deflect projectiles.
  • Bounty: Enemies have 70% more life and deal 70% more damage, but drop double Spirit Light.
    (Wellspring Glades: After getting the Light Burst ability, go to the save point and make your way to the top of the tree. From the right branch, fire a charged shot and bash up to the bridge. Do so again to reach the Shard)
  • Catalyst: Replenish even more energy when dealing melee damage.
    (Baur's Reach: After getting the Light Burst ability, head back to Wellspring Glades and move to the top right. You'll see a pot. Beyond that, there is a hearth that you can light up. Swim in the new pond to find the shard on your left.)
  • Secret: Secret walls become semi-transparent.
  • Ultra Grapple: Grapple 2 enemies per jump and deal damage.
  • Ultra Bash: Bash deals more damage and pushes farther.
  • Fracture: Detonate to split Light Burst into three smaller bursts.
    (Baur's Reach: Just to the left of the room with the pond, thaw the room using the lantern above shard location to reach it.)
  • Turmoil: Enemies respawn faster.
    (Windswept Wastes: From the locked pillar, head to the left all the way to reach a spike filled chamber. Use the burrow to fling Ori through rock platforms to reach the top.)
  • Secret: Secret walls become semi-transparent. (Complete Diamond in the Rough side quest)

Where do I find Skills?

As you wander around the world of Ori And The Will Of The Wisps, you'll find trees that give you new abilities. These are skills that you will come across during the adventure and you can't miss them.

  • Spirit Edge: Attack at close range with a blade of light. Can attack multiple times in a row.
    (Found in Howl's Den)
  • Double Jump: Jump twice in the air.
    (Found in Howl's Den)
  • Spirit Arc: Fire an arrow of light.
    (Found in Inkwater Marsh)
  • Bash: Hold near lanterns, projectiles, or enemies to leap. Projectiles will be redirected.
    (Found in Kwolok's Hollow)
  • Grapple: Latch onto certain platforms.
    (Found in Wellspring)
  • Regenerate: Spend energy to recover life.
    (Found in Inkwater Marsh)
  • Dash: Dash ahead, even in mid-air.
    (Found in Kwolok's Hollow)
  • Burrow: Dig through soft sand.
    (Found in Windswept Wastes)
  • Swim Dash: Burst through water at speed. Can be used to get good height.
    (Found in Luma Pools)
  • Light Burst: Fire a flame shot. Can be charged and used with bash to get to new places.
    (Found in Baur's Reach)
  • Flash: Lights the area around you. Consumes energy cells.
    (Found in Mouldwood Depths)
  • Launch: Like bash, but doesn't need a projectile to launch yourself skywards.
    (Found in Weeping Ridge)

There is one optional skill that's very well hidden in a secret area. This very, very good skill permanently increases your attack by 25%. Are you interested? If so, head to the How to solve Midnight Burrows bell puzzles guide to find out how to get in and get this ability.

Shop skills

Upon finding Opher for the first time, you'll be able to buy your first skill for half the Spirit Light Orb cost. Once it is bought, all the other skills increase to their regular price. If you buy a skill, the next skill in that set will be made available to purchase.

  • Spirit Star: Throw a star that returns to you. (800 Spirit Light Orbs)
  • Sentry: Spawn a spirit orb that attacks for you. (800 Spirit Light Orbs)
  • Blaze: Burst into flame, adding fire damage to your attacks. (800 Spirit Light Orbs)
  • Charge Blaze: Uses energy to charge up a flame to damage and set all enemies in sight on fire. (1600 Spirit Light Orbs. Requires Blaze.)
  • Spike: Throw a powerful spear of light. Uses a large amount of energy. (800 Spirit Light Orbs)
  • Exploding Spike: Spikes explode on hit. (1600 Spirit Light Orbs. Requires Spike.)
  • Spirit Smash: Pound foes with a strong, sweeping blow. (800 Spirit Light Orbs)
  • Shock Smash: Drop attacks with Spirit Smash to create a shockwave. (1200 Spirit Light Orbs. Requires Spirit Smash.)

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps guides series

With that, those are all the skills and Spirit Shards that we know of so far, but there are plenty of other collectables to findWe have a bunch of guides readily prepared below that cover all sorts of things, from the locations of life and energy cell fragments, builds for Ori's skills, and boss fight/chase sequence strategies.

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