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Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Regrowing The Glades: all the seed locations

Essential for getting collectables

When you come to the Wellspring for the first time, you may have noticed a small seed. This is one of six collectable seeds that you need to deliver to Tuley in Wellspring Glades. He wants to regrow the plants in Wellspring Glade and in order to find all the collectables, you'll need his help.

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Regrowing The Glades guide

Picking up the first seed will cause Tuley to appear outside his hut to the far right of Wellspring Glades. You'll need to double jump and dash to get there. Giving him the first seed will start the side quest to find all the seeds. There are six of them in total and each one will give you a new way to explore the Wellspring Glades, perhaps uncovering some hidden areas along the way.

Regrowing The Glades seed locations

  • Blue Moon: Unlocks grapple points in Wellspring Glade.
    Location: Inside The Wellspring. Head up until you find Opher's shop at the top. Head to right of this room to find it.
  • The Last Seed: Grows an ancient tree to the left of Grom that grants the Ancestral Light upgrade.
    Complete the side quest "The Tree Keeper"
  • Wellspring Wildflowers: Walking past some flowers in Wellspring Glades gives you a small amount of Spirit Light Orbs.
    Location: From the top Spirit Well, head left and burrow into the sand to the left. Lure a missile out of the sand and use the bash ability to get close to the suspended sand ball. Dash through it and land on top of it. Launch off the lantern to launch to the right and claim the seed.
  • Sticky Situation: Creates moss on the side of the walls in Wellspring Glades.
    Location: Just after speaking to Kwolok in Luma Pools, climb up the wall and use a dash and bash to reach the hanging stalactite side. Drop and glide across to the left and grab the seed on the platform.
  • Left Behind: Creates some spring plants in Wellspring Glades.
    Location: As you progress through Baur's Reach, use the light burst from just outside the hut to the far right on the candle in the hut. This opens the door to the seed.
  • Firemoth's Delight: Creates some lanterns in Wellspring Glades that you can use your bash ability on to go higher up.
     After getting the flash ability, on the way around towards the boss, you'll climb up some cocoons. Head left while you can and follow the path with the bridge crawling with spiders. Use the grapple point to climb high and float across, avoiding the spikes and getting the seed.

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps guides series

With all the seeds now planted, you should have access to all the collectables in Wellspring Glades, as well as access to complete certain side quests. There are more guides readily prepared below that cover all sorts of things, from the locations of life and energy cell fragments, builds for Ori's skills, and tips for other boss fights/chase sequences.


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