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Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Hand To Hand: how to complete the fetch quest

Steps by step instructions to complete the quest

One of the more elaborate side quests in Ori And The Will Of The Wisps requires Ori to become a postman of sorts. You're given items that you need to deliver to various creatures, in exchange for the next item on the list. This quest does lead to something at the end, so we will walk you through all the steps to complete this side quest.

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Hand To Hand guide

The Hand to Hand quest is a long one that you won't complete immediately. All the other side quests will be featured in our Ori And The Will Of The Wisps quests guide, but this one requires special attention.

If you have ever played Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening in any form, you'll likely be familiar with a side quest where you delivered various items to the locals of the island. Ori And The Will Of The Wisps does the same thing, beginning with talking to a seemingly inconspicuous Moki as you approach Wellspring Glades. There are eleven steps to completing this quest and some require some exploration.

Hand to Hand side quest steps

  1. At Kwolok's Hollow, talk to the Moki who gives you a map.
  2. Go to Wellspring Glades and give the map to Tokk to get a backpack.
  3. Deliver the backpack to the Moki in the Wellspring interior to get a Herb Pouch.
  4. In Baur's Reach, you'll find a woolly creature named Veral. He's next next to a giant pot not too far into the start of the area. Give him the herbs for soup.
  5. Further into Baur's Reach, underneath the Spirit Well, you'll find a Moki next to a fire. Give it the soup from Veral to get a hat.
  6. Back in the Wellspring Glades, talk to the Moki far to the left and before climbing towards the Wellspring itself. Trade the hat for a lantern.
  7. In the Mouldwood Depths to the right of the cavern, you'll see a Moki standing on the cotton-like floor near a yellow sac of sorts. Swap the lantern with it for the Mouldwood silk.
  8. Head to the Luma Pools and from the Spirit Well, head up and to the right. The Moki that's fishing here will trade the silk for the spyglass.
  9. Go back once again to the Wellspring Glades, and trade the spyglass with Motay for the canteen.
  10. In the Windswept Wastes close to the Burrow ability, trade the canteen with the traveller for a map stone fragment.
  11. Deep within the Windtorn Ruins, heading down and all the way to the left from the Spirit Well, you'll find some rocks. Place the stone fragment there to complete the quest.

Your reward for completing this massive side quest is... revealing every secret on the map. It's not exactly the best reward, especially given all of the traipsing you likely did to get this far, but it could be useful for snapping up every secret in the game.

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps guides series

That is how you complete the Hand to Hand quest. With your newly obtained ability, there's a bunch more secrets that will now be revealed. We have more guides readily prepared below that cover all sorts of things, from the locations of life and energy cell fragments, builds for Ori's skills, and tips for boss fight/chase sequence.

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