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Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Gorlek Ore locations: how to rebuild Wellspring Glades

Can Ori fix it?

There are many collectables in Ori And The Will Of The Wisps, with one of the more useful ones being Gorlek Ores. Ori can't use them himself, but he can give them to the leader of the Wellspring Glade in order to repair damaged buildings and facilities in the village. To help you with this huge undertaking, we've collated all of the known Gorlek Ore locations in the game.


What are Gorlek Ores?

Gorlek Ores are one of the many types of collectable items hidden throughout the world of Ori And The Will Of The Wisps. They can be given to Grom, the leader of the small colony that remains in the ruins of Wellspring Glades, which is east of the Wellspring. Grom can use the Gorlek Ores to rebuild the village, giving you access to new facilities in that area, as well as making it a far safer place to live in for its inhabitants. Each project has an associated Gorlek Ore cost and we have a list of what we know so far below.

  • Repair the Spirit Well: This Spirit Well heals Ori and helps with fast travelling to other Spirit Wells. (Costs 1x Gorlek Ore)
  • Dwelling Repairs: Helps the Moki move back to the glades. (Costs 4x Gorlek Ores)
  • Thorny Situation: Clears the spiky vines and makes the Glades safer. Unlocks the pit to the left of Grom. (Costs 5x Gorlek Ores)
  • Roofs Over Heads: Time to build some more housing! Now on the big tree, by the fire. (Costs 6x Gorlek Ores, requires Dwelling Repairs)
  • Clear the Cave Entrance: Knocks down the cave in the pit to the left of Grom. (Costs 6x Gorlek Ores, requires Thorny Situation)
  • Onwards and Upwards: Adds a couple more Moki houses. (Costs 8x Gorlek Ores, requires Roof Over Heads)
  • The Gorlek Touch: Adds some finishing touches of decoration. (Costs 10x Gorlek Ores, requires Clear the Cave Entrance)

The top tip is to repair the Spirit Well as soon as possible so you have quick access to the village. You'll then be able to deliver Gorlek Ores and redeem some of the side-quests as detailed in our Ori And The Will Of The Wisps quests guide.

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Gorlek Ore locations

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Gorlek Ore locations

At the time of writing, it's unclear how many Gorlek Ores there are to find in the game, but we've so far found seven of them to get you started. We've separated them into areas for ease. We'll be adding to the list once we've confirmed every Gorlek Ore's location.

You can also find Gorlek Ores as rewards for completing quests, so we've made it so that if you click the links, it will take you to the specific point in that guide. We're nice like that!

Gorlek Ore location areas

Inkwater Marsh

  • Complete "A Little Braver" side-quest
  • After hitting the trunk below where you first meet Ophel, head down and you’ll see a mossy platform with spinning spikes. Jump into the shadows directly above it to find a Gorlek Ore.
  • Once you've unlocked the double jump, head back to the point where you needed to find a Keystone for Tokk. To the far left of the area, there is a double jump to a branch. Go up the rock face to the right to find the Ore.
  • Once the water has been purified, head to the western Spirit Well. Head right and go down a level, then head to your left. Since the water is no longer deadly, swim when you reach the end and head further left until you find the Ore.

Kwolok’s Hollow

  • From the Spirit Well save point, head east until the room opens out. Climb up towards where the Moki is that gives you a map to deliver to “one who wanders”. From that Moki, climb up and sling up to the pole. There is a purple spitter on the platform to the right. Use the Bash ability on its projectile to the right and over the spitter to find the next Gorlek Ore.
  • There’s a point shortly after climbing up a lot of spinning half-spikes, where you’ll find a large monster with three eyes and big hair. Beat him, then head a little further to find a closed trap door. Climb onto the wall and latch onto the vine above for the door to open. Slip through the purple beams and leap to the left to find an Ore.
  • After purifying the waters in Wellspring, head to Kwolok. Dive into the waters below and swim to the right. At the end of this path is the Ore.

The Wellspring

  • Complete "The Lost Compass" side-quest
  • Shortly after finding the grapple ability and talking to Tokk, head downwards, sending the half-spike platform by bursting the glowing bubble organism to the left. Head right, jumping across platforms and moss covered cogs until you come across the next half-spike circular cog. Climb up the first one, then leap to the platform with the purple bug. You’ll see a lantern that you can fling yourself to the right. Use the bug to reach the platform with the Gorlek Ore.
  • From Wellspring Glade, exit through the left and climb up. You’ll eventually see a snapping plant inside the purple lake. Look to the top right to see a green wall. Use the plant’s spit to sling yourself over to the wall. Climb upwards, being careful of the spikes. Use the orbs hanging from the ceiling to sling over to a wooden branch, then over the top of the snapping plant to find the Ore.
  • In the second interior area, there is a section where you rotate a room three times to reveal the exit. After the third time pulling the lever, look to the left to find a spinning mossy cog. Launch yourself to where the orange flowers are growing and climb up the wall to find the Gorlek Ore.
  • After escaping the tentacle monster at the top of the Wellspring, dive into the now clear water to the right. Swim through the cog and head upwards to find the Ore.
  • After you've delivered the Luma Pools seed to Tuley, climb up the moss to the far left, then latch to the moss on your right. Climbing up the wall gives you the Ore.
  • After getting the grapple ability, just before reaching Wellspring Glades, there is a pool with a snapping plant. Grapple on both the blue plants above and to the left to reach the Ore.

Silent Woods

  • After reuniting with Ku, head all the way to the right until you find a fire. Ignite it with a flap of your wings, then lure the exploding enemy up with you. Flap it into the wall to the right to break it and reveal the Ore.
  • After getting Kuro's Feather, head back to the Silent Woods Spirit Shrine. From the ledge left of the decayed tree to your left, leap and float with the feather until you reach the Ore.
  • Once you've got the Launch ability in the Weeping Ridge, on the way back up, launch into the second portal, then launch again to the top right. This leads to the ore.

Windswept Glades

  • As you enter the area, jump across the platforms and use the grapple points. You should find this Ore after the second grapple point, but make sure you double jump over the sand that disappears beneath your feet.
  • Once you have the burrow ability, warp back to the Spirit Well at the start of the area. Carefully burrow into the sand to your right to get the ore.
  • From the eastern Spirit Well, head left until you see the suspended sand ball. Launch yourself up and destroy the wall to your right to uncover the ore.
  • From the top Spirit Well, head left and burrow into the sand to the left. Lure a missile out of the sand and use the bash ability to get close to the suspended sand ball. Dash through it and land on top of it. Launch off the lantern and dash through the second sand ball to land on top of it. Launch once more and to the left, gliding to the far left wall to get the Ore. Make sure you land on a ball or the ground for it to count.

Luma Pools

  • After seeing Tokk, dive into the pool and head left into the darkness. The Gorlek Ore is on the other side.
  • After defeating the area boss and getting the burrow ability from Windswept Glades, head for the pools where the boss chased you. At the bottom right of the pool is a hidden area. Burrow into the sand to reach a switch. Quickly burrow/dash through the water until you get past the vines that open up. The ore is just above you.
  • Once you've obtained the skill that allows you to dash through water, head back to the upper middle part of the area. Near the challenge start point, there is an enemy stuck on the wall. Use the grapple enemy ability to latch onto it and carefully jump to the hanging logs. Head to the pool on your left. You'll need the ability to smash through the bridge and get into the pool. Once smashed, launch yourself and over to the right to get the Ore. Alternatively, using the Flap ability to get to the lantern on the right and launching yourself towards the Ore works too.
  • Return here after getting the Launch ability. Just to the right of the right-hand Spirit Well, there is a wall above some spikes and a lantern below you. Launch up to the wall and climb up to reach the Ore.

Baur's Reach

  • In the chamber past Tokk when you first see him here, light up the furnace and back up to the pot. Jump and start gliding. Underneath the spikes to the right is a shadowy area that houses the secret Ore.
  • After getting the light burst, head back up to the edge you jumped off to find the ability. Fire off a charged light burst shot and bash off it vertically. Glide to the Ore in the tree.
  • Return to the first frozen area after getting the light burst ability. Look for the frozen waterfall with spikes towards the left. Ignite the hearth to melt the ice and claim the Ore.

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps guides series

Those are all the currently known Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Gorlek Ore locations, but there are plenty of other collectables to findWe have a bunch of guides readily prepared below that cover all sorts of things, from the locations of life and energy cell fragments, builds for Ori's skills, and tips for boss fight/chase sequence.

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