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Ori And The Will Of The Wisps quests: how to complete side quests

Do me a favour?

All around the world of Ori And The Will Of The Wisps, there are various creatures that want you to do them favours. They may have lost something important to them, or found something and want you to return it to its rightful owner.


What are side quests?

New to Ori And The Will Of The Wisps are side quests that you can complete to earn extra rewards. These range from everything from items to help you complete other quests, to collectable items such as Gorlek Ores. It's unclear if there are any other rewards such as life or energy cell fragments, or any other big upgrades that you should know about.

Most of the side quests rely on you finding and delivering a certain item found within the world to another creature. They can be as simple as hopping to the next area and completing a little puzzle, or entering a door and exploring an entire optional dungeon before you locate the item.

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps quests

At the time of publication, it's unclear how many side quests there are to find in the game, but we've so far found a few of them to get you started. We will be updating this list when we find more side quests and their rewards. We've separated them into the areas in which you find the beginning of the side quest. The steps taken and the rewards you get for completing the side quest will be there.

Quest starting areas

Inkwater Marsh

  • The Missing Key: You will first meet Tokk standing next to a gap he can’t fit through. It’s along the way and shortly after picking up the torch. To complete this quest, head to the west, and drop down a bit to fight a monster. Go through the open door and climb up the waterfall. This will put out your torch, but a little further up is the keystone you seek. Return to Tokk and you’ll receive the other keystone for your efforts to unlock the door.
  • A Little Braver: You'll find Mokk the Brave after the Howl boss fight. Head along the top of the Inkwater Marsh area until you find a small rodent creature. To complete this quest, go to the ruinous area to the right of the top of Inkwater Marsh. You’ll need to climb a small patch of wall, then jump very far to the left to climb a vine. Do so, then jump to the platform on the right. Navigate the tight hanging platforms and you’ll reach the Howl Fang. You’ll need to give this to Mokk the Brave who is back the way you came. You’ll get a Gorlek Ore as a reward.

Kwolok’s Hollow

  • Hand To Hand: Found on the way towards Wellspring Glades, you’ll meet a Moki along the way. They’ll ask for you to deliver a map they found to the “one who wanders”. He’s at the Wellspring Glades and the Moki was referring to Tokk. This quest is very elaborate and will take ages to complete. Check out our Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Hand To Hand quest guide for the step by step instructions to finish it.

The Wellspring

  • The Lost Compass: Tokk will be outside the door you can enter shortly after getting the grapple ability. The screen will pan to where the door is. Drop down to the left and back to the right to find some mossy cogs. Use your new grapple ability to head upwards and you’ll reach the door.
    After navigating the rotating rooms and pulling the lever to open the door back outside, immediately head into the gap in the cog to the left of you. Inside is a moss covered rotating platform that exiting to the upper left will bring you to a platform. Here, you’ll find an Iron Needle. You’ll need to return this to Tokk to complete the quest who is just outside the main door to the bottom left. Tokk will give you a Gorlek Ore for your troubles.
  • Family Reunion: Talk to the Moki to the left of Grom in Wellspring Glades. They’ll ask if you can talk to Grom about building them a home. It costs four Gorlek Ores to build a home for the Moki. Once built, head to the east to Silent Woods to tell the family of Moki of the new house's construction. They live in a small hut near its entrance. You are given a key for building the hut which you'll need to get to them. As you enter the Silent Woods, make your way across the swamp until you find a grapple point. Latch onto it and head upwards until you find a path to the left and right. To the left of Kii is a drop onto a ledge, which is where the house is.
  • Regrowing the Glades: Inside Opher’s shop before you have to flee the tentacles in Wellspring, jump towards the small blue pond draining water from above into the larger purple pool. It's to the right of the door you used to come in. Attack the spikes nearby to get a Mysterious Seed. You’ll need to show it to Tupel in Wellspring Glades. This is part of a more elaborate quest, so there will be a dedicated guide coming soon.
  • Into the Darkness: After you clear the spikes in Wellspring Glades using Gorlek Ores (get them using our Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Gorlek Ore locations guide), drop into it and talk to the Moki. It's lost its acorn and asks you to find it. You'll need the Flash ability to find it and for Gorlek to complete his project to repair the caves. Once you have both, go into the cave and recover it. You'll get a Large Spirit Light Container for your efforts.

Silent Woods

  • The Tree Keeper: As you enter the Silent Woods, make your way across the swamp until you find a grapple point. Latch onto it and head upwards until you find a path to the left and right. To the left is Kii, who gives Ori a bit of a hard time for neglecting the forest. Take the branch he gives you to Tupel in Wellspring Glades, then talk to Kii once more. Your reward is "The Last Seed", which Tupel can use to make an ability tree to give you Ancestral Light.

Windswept Wastes

  • A Diamond in the Rough: By the eastern Spirit Well, you'll find Tokk who's looking for a hidden gem by a shovel. Head towards the lower levels and close to the red leaper near the sand. Head slightly left to find a shovel. Burrow here to get the gem. Bring it back to Tokk who will ask if it is safe. You'll need to speak to Twillen at Wellspring Glade to reveal that it is the Secret shard.

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps guides series

With that, our Ori And The Will Of The Wisps quests should be enough to get you started. We also have a bunch of guides readily prepared below that cover all sorts of things, from the locations of certain collectables, builds for Ori's skills, and strategies for the boss fight/chase sequences.

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