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Outriders Legendary armor list: all armor sets and benefits explained

Here's every piece of Legendary armor in Outriders

Any talk about the best armor in Outriders has to begin with a discussion of the Legendary armor sets and pieces. These powerful gold sets of gear boast enormous power and scaling potential thanks to their unique set bonuses and mods, and can form the backbone of many a fine Outriders loadout. Below you'll find a complete list of every Outriders Legendary armor set and one-off armor piece in the game and the benefits they'll grant the wearer.

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Outriders Legendary armor list

Below you can find a list of all Outriders Legendary armor sets and pieces. Each set has a set bonus which applies if you are wearing at least 3 pieces from the set.

Legendary Devastator armor sets:

  • Deathproof Set: Reduces Boulderdash cooldown by 90%.
  • Marshal Set: Endless Mass pulls enemies and causes up to 4 of them to share 10% of Anomaly and 30% of weapon incoming damage for 5s.
  • Seismic Commander Set: Increase damage towards enemies with Bleed by 50%.
  • Statue Set: Using either Tremor or Golem doubles your Firepower and doubles Weapon Life Leech for you and your teammates.

Legendary Pyromancer armor sets:

  • Acari Set: Every enemy damaged by Heatwave grants 25% Anomaly Power bonus for 10s.
  • Lava Lich Set: Increase damage and decrease cooldown of Eruption.
  • Reforged Set: Increase Feed the Flames damage and Thermal Bomb damage by 50%.
  • Torturer Set: Triples the size of Volcanic Rounds' damaging aura that surrounds each bullet.

Legendary Technomancer armor sets:

  • Borealis Monarch Set: Increase weapon damage on frozen enemies by 10%. Critical Damage is increased for all party members by 90% for 8s after using Cold Snap.
  • Grim Inventor Set: While Tool of Destruction is active, a confirmed hit with Pain Launcher refills 20% ammo for both the minigun and the RPG. This only happens once for each Tool of Destruction usage.
  • Plague Sower Set: Upon applying Toxic status, gain 5% damage reduction for 5s. Stacks up to 5 times.
  • Torrential Downpour Set: Scrapnel creates additional cluster bombs after explosion, each dealing X Anomaly Power scaled damage.

Legendary Trickster armor sets:

  • Chronosuit Set: Reverting time replenishes ammo in your clip.
  • Edge of Time Set: Increase damage for both Temporal Blade and Cyclone Slice.
  • Trespasser Set: Player can't die while inside the Slow Trap.
  • Ugake Otarah Set: Hunt the Prey does not consume cooldown when teleporting behind an enemy marked with Venator's Knife.

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Legendary Universal armor sets:

  • Cannonball Set: Killing an enemy with melee skill replenishes ammo in your current magazine.

Legendary one-off armor pieces:

  • Anomaly's Visage (Headgear): Grants X Firepower and Y Anomaly Power bonus on skill activation for Z seconds.
  • Explosive Temper (Headgear): Heal yourself for X whenever an ally enters DBNO (Down But Not Out).
  • Fighters' Mask (Headgear): Incoming damage is reduced by 3% for each enemy in close range. Stacks up to 8 times.
  • Ivory and Bone (Headgear): Critical hits on an Elite increases your Firepower by X for 5s.
  • Lucky Ushanka (Headgear): Doubles your Armor whenever your Health drops below 35%.
  • Ol' Reliable (Headgear): Increases the range at which enemies are considered to be in Close Range by 2m.
  • Sergio's Beret (Headgear): Killing enemies while aiming down sights grants you X Firepower for 20s. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Tanner's Hat (Headgear): Boosts your Firepower by X for each enemy in Close Range. Stacks up to 5 times.

That's every piece of Legendary armor in Outriders listed along with their unique effects. Now why not take a look at our guide on the Outriders level cap?

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