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Starfield's animated trailers offer some player motivation for life among the stars

I'd rather be a postman

The 30 minute demonstration back in June communicated the scope of Bethesda's spacefaring RPG, Starfield. If what you want is more flavour, tone, some player motivation, then three new animated shorts released today might help. Each tells a short 2-3 minute story of a different character in Starfield's galaxy, as they attempt to resolve their deep yearning with spaceships. To which we can all relate.

Here's all three, as posted to Bethesda's YouTube channel:

Being a postie is boring, so kill people in space instead.Watch on YouTube
Rey - I mean, Vanna, sorry - must repair a spaceship to go explore space.Watch on YouTube
Being a thief is boring, so become a corporate fixer instead.Watch on YouTube

I typically care more about systems than I do story, but everything I've seen of Starfield's combat, exploration, fauna-scanning and rock-lasering has left me cold. I don't know why I would want to do those things.

These videos help by putting a more human face on the fiction and worldbuilding Bethesda have laid out so far. To be clear, you won't play as any of the characters featured above, but will create your own with a particular "background" that will determine certain starter skills and dialogue options. As far as I know there's no "postman" background, but there is Long Hauler, Chef, and several others.

You can also now find out more about Starfield's skills thanks to some internet sleuths. The full game will release on September 6th.

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