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Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel secret packs: what are secret packs in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel?

Learn more about Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel secret packs

Want to know more about Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel secret packs? Secret packs are special, time-limited packs that you can unlock in the store. However, Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel doesn’t do a great job of explaining how you unlock these secret packs or what they are for. Fortunately, we have all the answers.

Below, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel secret packs, including what they are and how to unlock more of them.

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What are secret packs in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel?

When you get a Super Rare or Ultra Rare card in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel, you get a key that unlocks a secret pack that you can buy in the store. These secret packs are special packs that are related to the SR or UR card’s archetype. For example, if you just got a Blue Eyes White Dragon Monster in a pack, you’d unlock the Azure in the Ivory secret pack in the store. When you unlock a secret pack, it is available for 24 hours. After this time, you’ll need to find an SR or UR card of the same archetype again if you want to unlock the same secret pack.

Secret packs contain 8 cards. Half of these cards will be any card that you’d usually obtain in a Master Pack (Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel’s standard card packs), while the other half will come from the specific secret pack’s featured card list. These featured cards are usually selected to give you more cards that you can use to build a deck and strategy around the related archetype. If you want to see the featured cards that you could pull in a pack, select the secret pack that you want to buy in the store and then press on the featured cards button.

When you unlock a secret pack, you will not automatically get the pack. Instead, you unlock it in the store for 24 hours, where you can then buy the pack for 100 gems. As usual, you can buy a bundle of 10 packs for 1000 gems, which guarantees at least one Super Rare card.

How to unlock more secret packs in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel

If you want to unlock more secret packs in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel, you’ll need to get Super Rare or Ultra Rare cards to get more keys. When you get a SR or UR card, either from card crafting or a pack, you’ll unlock the related secret pack in the store. If you want to buy some packs and hopefully pull a Super Rare or Ultra Rare card, you should check out our guide on how to get more gems in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel. If you’d rather craft a specific SR or UR card and get its related secret pack (which is useful if you have a specific deck in mind that you want to build), take a look at our Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel card crafting guide. There are also plenty of other ways to get more cards if you don't want to buy packs or craft cards, so you can just keep duelling and cross your fingers for a SR or UR card when you win.

Every Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel secret pack

Here is a full list of every Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel secret pack with their respective archetypes:

Secret Pack Archetypes
A Song of Zephyr and Petals Melodious | Windwitch
Abyssal Underworld Zombie World | Vendread | Wight
Advanced Warriors Dracoslayer | Igknight | Majespecter | Dinomist | Amorphage
AI Omniscience @Ignister
Altered Heraldry Heraldic Beast | CXyz
Artistic Angel The Weather | Solfachord
Astral Trinity of Gods Nordic
Awakening of the Ancients Artifact | Guardian
Beasts of the Inferno Volcanic | Hazy Flame
Beloved Dolls Madolche | Doll Monster
Blazing Fortitude Salamangreat
Blazing Warriors Battlin' Boxer | Heroic
Blooming in Adversity Aroma | Rikka
Bujin's Vault of Heaven Bujin
Captivating Curtain Call Performapal
Celestial Dragon and Bear Drytron | Ursarctic
Cell "A" Corruption Alien
Champions of Hope Utopia | ZW -
Champions of Salvation Tellarknight | Constellar
Colossal Mech Gimmick Puppet | Number 9: Dyson Sphere
Combatants of Flame Laval
Cosmic Mechanical Entities Krawler | Mekk-Knight | Knightmare | World Legacy
Counterswing Mages Magician
Cross-Dimensional Contracts D/D
Crystal Septenary Crystal Beast
Curse of the Serpent Venom | Reptillianne
Cyber City Guardians Virtual World | Tindangle
Darkest Magics Dark Magician
Deceitful Wings of Darkness Darklord | Forbidden
Denizens of Sacred Tree Grove Naturia
Destiny's Sorceress Fortune Fairy | Fortune Lady | Prediction Princess
Devastation Regenerated Scrap
Digital Bugs in Cyberspace Digital Bug
Draconic Resplendence Odd-Eyes | Performapal
Dragon Luster Starry Knight | Dragonmald | Felgrand
Dragon Spirit Yany Zing | Tenyi
Dragon Knight Gorge Dragunity
Dreadnought Advance Infinitrack | Train
Echo Chamber Nation Dogmatika | Tri-Brigade | Springans
Electrilyrical Appliancer | Batteryman
Electron Illusions Altergeist | Evil Twin
Elemental Exchanges Genex
Emblazoned Armor Vylon
Emerging Monstrosity Recon! Danger! | Kaiju
Enchanted Threads of Shade Shaddoll | Zefra
Essence of Flora and Ocean Trickstar | Marincess
Exquisite Jet-Black Rose Rose
Fabled Gods Fabled
Fiendish Encounter Magical Musket | Burning Abyss
Fiendish Playthings Fluffal
Fires of This World and The Next Mayakashi | Shiranui
Forest Friends Melffy | Mystical Beast of the Forest
Forgotten City Dwellers Atlantean | Mermail
Futuristic Creatures T.G.
Galaxy War B.E.S. | Kozmo
Gargantuan Gears Ancient Gear
Glacial Seal Ice Barrier
Glory on Wings Harpie
Gods of Abyss and Arcadia Hieratic | Ogdoadic
Great Shogun's Rule Six Samurai
Guardian of Kings Gravekeepers
Guardians of Fire Fire Fist
Guardians of the Sacred Sky The Agent | The Sanctuary in the Sky | Parshath | Solemn
Guided by the Noble Knight Noble Knight | Infernoble Knight | Noble Arms
Hand of Fate Arcana Force | Flower Cardian
Immortal Royalty Vampire | Eldlich
Immovable Samurai Superheavy Samurai
Impending Assassination Timelord | Meklord
Indomitable Knights The Phantom Knights | Supreme King
Inevitability of Chaos Black Luster Soldier | Chaos
Insect Metamorphosis Inzektor | Battlewasp
Interdimensional Interlopers Dream Mirror | Nemeses | Metaphys
Invaders from Outer Space Worm | Graydle
Invulnerable Iron Wings Raidraptor
Iron Core Synthetics Ko'aka Meiru
Justice Before Attribute Ally of Justice | Flamvell
Justice from Light Lightsworn
Knowledge of the Mythlords Endymion | Mythical Beast
Legends of Old Ancient Warriors | Fairy Tale | Fairy Tail
Life Finds a Way Evol | Myutant
Life Force Control System Qli | Infernoid
Magnificence of Angels Valkyrie
Mastery of the Grimoire Prophecy
Miraculous Advent Megalith | Herald | Impcantation | Ritual Monsters
Mischievous Specters Ghostrick
Monster Overdrive Armed Dragon | LV
Moonlit Avian Dance Lunalight | Lyrilusc
Mother Nature's Snare Traptrix | Hole
Natural Selection Cubic | Predaplant
Nebula Cyclone Photon | Galaxy
Neo Space Comrades Neo-Spacian | Elemental HERO
Number Recall Number | Numeron
Onomatopair-Up Zubaba | Gagaga | Gogogo | Dododo
Pearlescent Cyber Dragons Cyber Dragon | Cyberdark
Pledge of Sword X-Saber | Poker Knights
Piercing Winds Simorgh | Mist Valley | Yosenju
Prank Panic! Prank-Kids | Ojama | Duston
Prehistoric Beast Advance Dinosaur | Jurrac
Primordial Rising Fossil | Paleozoic | Triamid
Pyroxene Relinquished Gem-Knight | Adamancipator
Rapid Aircraft Advancement Mecha Phantom Beast | Machina
Rites of the Mirrorworld Gishki | Nekroz
Roaring Thunder Thunder Dragon | Watt
Roid Nexus Roid
Roused from Destruction Nephthys | Fire King | Unchained
Rulers of Darkness Dark World | Lair of Darkness | Virus
Rulers of the Deep Umi | Phantasm Spiral
Savage Crimson Dragon Resonator | Red Dragon Archfiend
Scientific Analysis Magnet Warrior | Bonding | Chemicritter
Scrap Iron Soldiers Junk | Warrior | Synchron
Secret Fighters SPYRAL | Super Quant
Seedling Soul Fey Sylvan | Sunavalon
Seekers of Witchcraft Magistus | Invoked | Witchcrafter
Shark's Pride Shark
Shifting Gears Geargia | Gadget | Symphonic Warrior
Shot Through Fiction Rokket
Shrouded Heroes Destiny HERO | Vision HERO
Singular Strike Overthrow Sky Striker | Mathmech
Soaring on Darkest Wings Blackwing
Soldiers from the Storm Code Talker | Cyberse | Cynet
Souls of Sublime Gods Cyber Angel | Shinobird | Dual Avatar
Space-Time Transcendents S-Force | Time Thief | PSY-Frame
Spiritual Mastery Charmer
Stardust Ties Synchron | Stardust
Star-Studded Futures Crusadia | Orcust | World Legacy
Supernatural Elements Monarch | Elementsaber
Sword of the Seventh One Star Seraph | Umbral Horror
Synchro Mode Change /Assault Mode | Fusion Monsters that require Synchro Monsters
Terra Firma Transcendants Earthbound Immortal | Malefic
The Azure in the Ivory Blue-Eyes
The Cerise in the Ebony Red-Eyes
The Cost of Dark Powers Evil Eye | Archfiend
The Darkness Amuses Amazement | Abyss Actor
The First Heroes Elemental HERO
The Great Olds Egyptian God, Exodia
The Hidden Arts Ninja
The Infinite Void Infernity
Those who Stand Against Kings Metalfoes | Crystron | Zoodiac
Three-Strike Success Gouki | Dinowrestler
Ties to Mother Nature Gusto | Ritual Beast
Timeworn Legacies Chronomaly
Toontastic Toon | Relinquished
Tournament Athletes U.A. | F.A.
Traditions of Trickery Karakuri | Gizmek
Transfigured Heroes Evil HERO | Masked HERO | Xtra HERO
Transforming Tech Morphtronic
Valiant Gladiator Beasts Gladiator Beast
Vessels of Freedom Fur Hire | Plunder Patroll
Warp-Speed Toys Speedroid
Warriors of Legend Gaia the Fierce Knight | Buster Blader
Warriors Unite! Amazoness | War Rock
Wind-Up Soldiers Wind-Up | Deskbot
World Cloaked in Magical Power Sacred Beast | Wicked God | Entity | Yubel
Worthy Adversaries Subterror | Generaider
Yearning Evil Body Iswarm

That’s everything you need to know about Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel secret packs. If you've pulled a cool card from a secret pack and want to show it to your friend in a duel, take a look at our Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel crossplay guide to duel across platforms. If you're waiting to play on an IOS or Android device, check out our Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel mobile release guide.

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