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Call Of Duty: Warzone finally lets you fight as a Duo

Two's company

Keeping track of Call Of Duty: Warzone squad sizes has been something of a nightmare. First there's trios, then trios are quads; but oh, folk liked trios, so trios are back. But quads can stay, and let's not forget solo players either. With the dust beginning to settle, Activision this week rounded out the lineup with a new duos mode, letting you drop into Verdansk with just your closest, most trustworthy comrade.

Arriving in Warzone this week, Duos lets you duke it out alongside your best friend as the two of you fend off 74 rival pairings. May the bestest buds win.

Duos bring Warzone in line with Plunder, the cash n' grab n' run away mode wot switched from quads to duos back in April. Warzone generally just can't seem to make its mind up over team sizes, briefly bumping Warzone squads up to four before rapidly rolling trios back into play. At present, you can now hop into Warzone with none, one, two or three of your friends.

It's easy to skim over how much a simple addition or subtraction in squad size changes the game. While it's not quite as nerve-wracking as going in solo, duos is a tense affair - fewer people to watch your back, fewer chances at revival, and fewer options to pull from in your squad's collective armoury.

Activision gave their own tips in their Duos announcement post, but it's pretty basic stuff. Stick together, mind your loadouts, practice your 1v1 fights in Modern Warfare and don't get got. They even go so far as suggesting you find a better partner "isn’t pulling weight".

Bit harsh, eh?

If you and a mate are looking to dominate Duos as quickly as possible, best make sure you're kitted out in this season's best Warzone loadouts, courtesy of guides intelligence expert Olly. I'd hate for you to drop in unprepared.

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