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Devil May Cry 5's Bloody Palace is open for (bloody) business

Will the killing never end

If fighting through hordes of endless demons committed to sucking life from your soul sounds fun, I bet you're loving this Monday morning of corporate April fool's japes. Refuge can be found in Devil May Cry 5's Bloody Palace, where you also fight through hordes of endless demons, but also have motorcycle swords or robo-arms that fire ridable rockets.

It's a free mode that launched earlier today. I've thrown my (xp-gambling) hat into the ring, but the naughty demons keep stamping on it.

Endless wave survival wouldn't normally grab my interest, but it's different with tearful devils. I spent most of my Devil May Cry 5 review waxing lyrical about the combat, so yeah sure, I'll dip into a mode that adds more. Capcom seemed to have launched the mode without any out of game explanation as to how it works (or even what it is), so I guess that all falls on me.

First, a vaguely instructional video:

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You enter the Bloody Chamber as either V, Nero or Dante (so basically always Dante). All your items and abilities from the main game carry over, so expect to have far more success if you've finished the main campaign at least once.

You start with two minutes on the clock, and lose once you either die or run out of time. Unlike the main game, you're not allowed to use XP or Diamonds to revive. More time can be earned through playing stylishly, and you get a chunky 30 extra seconds if you beat a wave without taking any damage. I'm not the best demon hunter in the world (and I'm rusty to boot), but earning my no dam bonus for the first five waves or so was a doddle.

That's actually tempered my interest in playing again. If there was an option to leap straight back into round ten, the first round where the mobs actually felt threatening, I might spend a few evenings seeing how far down I can descend. But beating up small handfuls of demons just doesn't get my blood pumping like it used to, you know?

Oh, and despite the rumours concerning multiplayer and a new playable character, Capcom haven't yet added either. They might not ever. That's fine.

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