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Dragon's Dogma 2: An Unsettling Encounter quest walkthrough

How to complete An Unsettling Encounter without any issues

A close-up of Allard, a character in Dragon's Dogma 2.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Capcom

Looking for a walkthrough on An Unsettling Encounter in Dragon's Dogma 2? If you've reached this point in Dragon's Dogma 2, you're soon to leave the main questline of Vermund and Vernworth behind, and embark on a journey to a more perilous country. But first, it's time to do some more sneaking and spying in - yes, you guessed it - Vernworth-bloody-Castle.

In this guide, we offer a full walkthrough of the An Unsettling Encounter main quest in Dragon's Dogma 2, so you can breeze through the various tasks and areas required, and learn more about what's going on at the highest levels of the Vernworth monarchy.

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An Unsettling Encounter quest walkthrough

An Unsettling Encounter objectives:

  • Enter Vernworth Castle and follow Sonia to the Guardhouse.
  • Go up the spiral stairs to the upper floor.
  • Wait for Allard and Silas to leave.
  • Enter the secret room inside Allard's Chambers.
  • Pick up the Battahli-Crested Letter.
  • Escape via the window.
  • Sneak past the guards and meet Wilhelmina.
  • Report back to Brant.
Allard, a character in Dragon's Dogma 2, speaks to a guard in his chambers.
Wait for Allard and the guard to leave his chambers fully before you start snooping. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Capcom

Back to sneaking into the Castle! To complete the quest "An Unsettling Encounter", don your Eventide Mask of disguise once more and enter Vernworth Castle, where Sonia the guard will meet you once more, and escort you again to the Guardhouse exactly as she did for the previous quest, Disa's Plot.

Enter the Guardhouse. Your aim is to reach the upper floor via that same spiral staircase at the very back-right of the main hall. In case you don't remember where that is, all you need to do is go through the next door after entering the Guardhouse, then turn right twice and head to the very back of the hall.

At the top of the stairs, take the right-hand path this time, and you'll be treated to a quick cutscene a few paces in, featuring Allard - the man you're meant to be snooping on - and a long-suffering guard, Silas, who has come bearing a request for Allard to meet with Sven (thereby leaving his room free for said snooping).

The player in Dragon's Dogma 2 spies a secret passage in a stone brick wall.
Hmmm, I wonder where the secret passage could be... | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Capcom

Stand still for a few moments after the cutscene ends, and you'll see Allard and Silas exit in front of you from right to left. Once they're gone, go into the room they just exited, and go through the incredibly conspicuous secret passage in the left-hand wall. Pick up the Battahli-Crested Letter on the table, and then exit the secret room.

Voices outside will indicate the presence of Allard and Sven just on the other side of the door, so once again you must make your escape via the window. Push against the left-hand window to open it, and use the carriage on the ground below to soften your fall. Sneak past the guards and you'll be intercepted by Wilhelmina, who will once again cover for you when you're nearly discovered - which was her fault anyway, so thanks for that, Wilhelmina.

A screenshot from a Dragon's Dogma 2 cutscene wherein Wilhelmina speaks to a guard at night in Vernworth Castle.
Wilhelmina will cover for you as you're both caught by a guard. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Capcom

All that's left after that is to report, once more, back to Brant at the Stardrop Inn and deliver the Battahli-Crested Letter to him for 5,500g and a Ring Of Accrual (increased weight capacity). And now the time has come for the final main quest of this arc of the Dragon's Dogma 2 story!

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