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Elden Ring fans are flipping over an extremely blurry trailer leak

They're the resident experts at teasing information out of sparse details

Oh, Elden Ring. Perhaps you weren't a collective hallucination after all. Leaked footage of what's supposedly a trailer for FromSoftware's norse-y RPG has been making the rounds online today. Despite being filmed on what might as well be a roll of adhesive tape, fans are thrilled. There's been nearly no official word about Elden Ring since it was announced at E3 in 2019, so an alleged new trailer is, unsurprisingly, cause for celebration over on the Elden Ring subreddit.

This right here isn't the leaked trailer, mind. It's the official one from 2019. You can likely still find the leaked one going around though.

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As ever, take leaks with a dose a salt. This one certainly does fit with what you'd expect from a new FromSoftware joint. It's textbook, really. There's just about nothing in this blurry video that wouldn't have already been expected by anyone looking forward to another From game. A fist full of darts thrown at a board labelled "Souls series staples" would have produced the same clips.

There are folks in metal helments stabbing skeletons, carrying flaming swords, and dodge rolling. Some are casting magic that looks quite familiar. One is fighting some gnarly, many-legged creature. Others are fighting giant bosses. A dragon breathes fire. Equally cryptic as the original reveal trailer, the voice over says, "I can only imagine what drives you to seek the Elden Ring. I suppose you can't be talked into turning back...Very well then!"

As if even the leaker couldn't bear to spoil the entire surprise, the video ends just before where you might expect to see a release date revealed if it were included in this particular trailer.

If you were hoping for hints at what will be new in Elden Ring, there's not much to report. There does appear to be combat from horseback, though, which actually look kind of neat and—oh, whoops.

I was planning to poke a bit of fun at folks getting excited over scraps of information but, drat, now I'm just a little excited too. I'm also looking forward to dodgerolling my way through From's next sword and sorcery adventure. Humanity restored, I suppose.

If this is a legit trailer, it's still unclear where and when we might see it properly revealed. Xbox have denied the rumor that they might be revealing Elden Ring details in March. We do know that Xbox boss Phil Spencer has played it though.

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