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How to do the griddy in FIFA 23

Learn how to do the griddy in FIFA 23

Want to know how to do a griddy in FIFA 23? The griddy is a viral dance that has become a popular sports celebration in recent years, made famous by NFL players such as Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson. It involves bouncing back and forth on your heels while swinging your arms back and forth, before making the okay symbol over your eyes and running across the pitch. Of course, EA Sports have included the griddy in a bunch of their annual sports games, and you can do the griddy in FIFA 23.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to do the griddy in FIFA 23, so that you can torment your opponents with the most popular celebration around.

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To do the griddy, you must score a goal and then hold down R2/RT and flick the right stick up twice. This will make your player automatically hit the griddy in FIFA 23, which is apparently what the kids say, and show your player dancing across the pitch in celebration.

If you’re using Chelsea midfielder Christian Pulisic, you can also simply tap X on PlayStation or A on Xbox to do the griddy as his signature celebration. Pulisic has an overall rating of 82, making him a great midfielder for any Premier League team, but at 24 years old, he just misses out on our list of FIFA 23 career mode wonderkids and hidden gems. Pulisic has high Pace and Dribbling scores of 87 and 86 respectively, but with a low Shooting stat of 71, you might not actually see him hit the griddy so often.

That wraps up our guide on how to do the griddy in FIFA 23. If you’re looking to have the best players in FIFA 23 hit the griddy in Ultimate Team, take a look at our Seven League Boots, Puzzle Master, First XI, and Around the World SBC solution guides. If your team isn't working well as a unit, make sure to also learn how chemistry works in FIFA 23, as it functions differently to past FIFA games. If you’re still wondering whether to pick up this year’s entry, check out our guide on everything we know about FIFA 23 to learn more about crossplay and the changes to Ultimate Team.

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