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How to watch the Xbox Games Showcase & Starfield Direct

The double-bill livestream is happening as part of Summer Game Fest 2023

The Xbox logo in a green burst of light against a dark blue background announces the 2023 Xbox Games Showcase. On the other half of the image, the Starfield logo against a light grey background announces that Starfield Direct is due to take place immediately afterwards.
Image credit: Summer Game Fest

Where can I watch Starfield Direct? The Xbox Games Showcase is once again taking place as part of Summer Game Fest in 2023, this time with a whole second show dedicated to Starfield, called Starfield Direct.

Many of you will surely be eager to see the latest update on this year's most-anticipated game, so here's everything you need to know to watch the show as it happens.

Watch on YouTube

How to watch the Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct

The Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct are taking place on Sunday, 11 June, 2023 from 6pm BST / 1pm EDT / 10am PDT. Xbox Games Showcase is scheduled to go first, with Starfield Direct following on immediately afterwards.

You can watch the Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct livestream via a variety of Xbox's official accounts on streaming and social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook.

How to watch Starfield Direct

If you're only interested in tuning in for the Starfield-focused portion of the event, that's understandable. Unfortunately, there's no confirmed time just yet for Starfield Direct as a discrete entity.

However, the whole show is set to last about 2 hours, and Starfield Direct is likely to take up somewhere under half the time. So you can probably afford to tune in at the show's halfway mark and still catch all the Starfield news, but that's only a best guess, and we can't guarantee that you won't miss anything by doing so!

Our Edders is on the ground in LA and the rest of the team are watching over here in the UK, so for all your Summer Game Fest 2023 needs, be sure to follow the Summer Game Fest 2023 tag here on Rock Paper Shotgun! And be sure to check out our guide to where you can catch the other six events that make up Summer Game Fest 2023.

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