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Life Is Strange: Before the Storm continues in Episode 2


Teen 'em up prequel Life Is Strange: Before the Storm is a story with an ending we already know but hell, isn't life? It's all about the journey, maaan. And the journey continues a little more today with the launch of the series's second episode (of three). In it, aw heck, you know how it goes: teens hang out, teens get into trouble, and grown-ups just don't understand.

Publishers Square Enix explain what's going on:

"Chloe and Rachel's family life continues to crumble, their friendship blossoms and the two girls discuss running away together. But before they can go, Chloe gets involved with an errand for Frank Bowers which puts her in a dangerous situation and exposes an uglier side to Arcadia Bay..."

I don't know. I adored Life Is Strange but haven't touched Before the Storm at all yet. I think knowing how this all ends means I'd rather not know the middle, not see the hopes and plans and FEELINGS grow when I know they're going to be crushed. Life is grim. But my Strangemate Pip reviewed Episode 1 and did enjoy it, with reservations. I'll have to bug Pip after she plays Episode 2. Pip, how am I supposed to know how to feel now you're gone. You've Rachel Ambered me up like a kipper.

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm costs £14/€17/$17 on Steam. Or it's £5 extra for the 'Deluxe Edition' which contains a few odds and ends and will get a bonus episode starring a young Max Caulfield.

Before the Storm is made by Deck Nine Games rather than the series creators Dontnod Entertainment. Dontnod are working on a new Life Is Strange of their own, mind.

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