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Noita's physics-simulated spelunking hits early access today

Dig a little deeper

Blimey, it's a good day for destruction, isn't it? Now that we've spent all morning tossing bricks at towers, it's time to dig a little deeper. Underground, perhaps, into a cavern full of goblins and wizards and plenty of flammable barrels just waiting to explode. Pick up your wand and don your witchiest robe, physics-simulated dungeon crawler Noita entered early access today.

There are some proper lengthy developer playthroughs if you want a fuller look at Noita's world-breaking nonsense, but the quick trailer below should help you get up to speed.

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Noita is a spelunkin' roguelike where every procedurally-generated pixel is a simulated material, from grains of sand to drops of flammable oil. Liquids splosh around convincingly, gasses linger, wood crackles and burns and chars just as you'd expect. Toss a mystical dungeon-crawling adventure full of volatile spells into the mix, and predictable delightful carnage ensues.

It's a lovely little twist on more typical Spelunky-style dungeon crawling. Usually, blasting holes in walls in these kinds of games only opens up new routes or reveals secrets. But in Noita, abusing the lay of the land is the key to everything from traversal to dishing out damage.

Blocked by a band of beasts milling about on an icy pond? Crack a hole and send them to a deep-frozen demise. Facing a ferocious fire-spewing alchemist? Coat yourself in water to quite literally dampen their attacks.

Alec had a grand ol' time with an early build near the start of the year, while Alice B cornered the devs for a chat at GDC. We'll have even more Noita nonsense on the site soon. For the time being, you can pick up Noita on Steam and GOG for £14/$17.

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