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Overwatch's adorable Puppy Rumble kicks off soon


It's been a long day. The 24 hour hellscape that is our current news cycle, industry strikes, the sudden return of Tekwar, it all takes its psychological toll. It's time for some easygoing self care, and I cannot think of anything I would rather watch tonight than the Overwatch Puppy Rumble, a Blizzard-run live charity event featuring wriggly little baby dogs in Overwatch cosplay, and it's starting just about... now.

The stream will begin (at the time of writing) shortly, at 5pm EST/11pm GMT. Tune in via the official Overwatch Twitch channel and start charging up your Ultimate D'aww's.

Inspired by the Puppybowl, a nationally televised event in America where small dogs reenact some famous sporting event celebrating a Superb Owl, the Overwatch Puppy Rumble will be capping off Overwatch's Lunar New Year celebrations. All the puppers will be clad in gear made specially for them by costume and set design collective Henchmen Studios.

In addition to being cute as all heck, the cosplaying pups will be officially up for adoption after the show, and they'll be providing info on pet adoption services in America over the course of the event, almost always a better option than buying a farm-bred dog from a shop. No word on whether the pups come with their Overwatch costumes, but it'd be a missed trick (Give! Good Blizzard) if they didn't.

It's heart-melting stuff. Who needs a Molten Core ultimate when you've got a room full of wriggly little dogbeasts? And the best thing of all? Unlike a Hanzo main, you can teach a dog to stay on the objective.

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