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Overwatch's Baptiste is now chucking immortality fields around the PTR

It's alive

Caring not for the sanctity of a normal news cycle, Blizzard released Baptiste on the Overwatch test servers a few hours after announcing him. He's a combat medic who, we know now, has an ability that renders him and nearby teammates immune to damage. Like, all types of damage. People are running around in the death-zones underneath cliffs. They're jumping about in traffic. It's carnage.

Fortunately, lead Overwatch designer Jeff Kaplan is also knocking around with a dev video discussing what Baptiste can do and why. Kaplan's voice is always a bastion in trying times.

As well as that immortality field, Baptiste has a three-shot burst assault rifle, an AOE heal, and boots that let him jump real high. I will be very disappointed if we don't all start calling him Spring-healed Jack.

He also has an ult that doubles the damage or healing of every allied projectile that passes through a big screen. Which is a big deal, but I'm not over the immortality nonsense just yet.

The field comes from a drone that fizzles away after a few seconds. It can be destroyed before that, but not if you say, chuck it behind a corner. Or just use it to jump in front of cars.

You could also take a leaf out of Reddit user Deeakron's book, and go to Hannanora's no-go zone. This is only possible on custom servers with no cooldowns enabled, but it's still something I never expected to see.

Here's a full rundown of his abilities in text form, and here's Jeff Kaplan offering the same and more with aloud words.

Huh. The "P" is silent.

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