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Risk Of Rain 2 update brings a leafy survivor and more this week

Plant friend! Plant friend!!

Co-op roguelike monster smash ‘em up Risk Of Rain 2 is getting its first big early access update this week. Scorched Acres will add a new boss, a new survivor to fight them with, a new stage, and more items and equipment to freshen up the monster squishing experience. Not all the details have been revealed yet, but the new survivor is presumably Rex, an adorable legged houseplant friend unveiled at E3 that you can see below courtesy of IGN.

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This is the first of four early access updates forecasted by developers Hopoo Games before its 1.0 launch in spring of next year. They’ll mostly bring similar changes, though later this summer a “2.0” version of skills will be added, and the same for artefacts in the winter.

Matt wasn’t entirely keen when he wrote about Risk Of Rain 2 back in April, though the basics seem to be there:

“I dig how each world evokes a different flavour of weird, but the environments are always eclipsed by their inhabitants. The rain in Rain falls mainly in the form of monsters. Big, strange, varied, and increasingly numerous. If you drop me onto a planet with weird and varied aliens to squash, of course part of me is going to have a good time.”

But he says that more fundamental changes than “new items and characters” would be needed to bring him back. “Until the levels get shorter and the challenge escalates more evenly, I think I’ll stay indoors.”

Still, for those who are still playing, adding new items, characters, and so on might be just what the doctor ordered to freshen everything up in a game so heavily focused on randomisation.

Risk Of Rain 2’s Scorched Acres update will release on Tuesday, June 25th. You can get Risk Of Rain 2 in early access on Steam or Humble for £15/€18/$20.

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